Monday 12 May 2014

Organic Bambino Boutique

Recently Isabelle was sent two items from Organic Bambino  and we've taken a while to tell you about it because, well, we have a new baby! We didn't want to just review the look of the items, we wanted to use them, actually test them and then review them after being used and washed. I always hate it when items don't wash up well, so I think it's an important part of reviewing items. 

Organic Bambino is still fairly new, just like me to the blogging world :) Rachel founded the business in 2013 having just had her own baby she knows what parents want for their little people and her aim is to provide different items both designer and organic. If you're thinking why organic? Then Rachel explains very well here (copied this bit from Organic Boutique's website)...Organic cotton is much softer, more breathable and much less likely to cause allergies and eczema as no chemicals are used. Not using chemicals in the farming of organic cotton also means that it's much better for the environment and our planet, and you don't have to compromise on colour or style. It allows us to think about the environment but to still offer designer baby and kids clothing ranges. 
What I love about Organic Bambino? - they seem to have some really cute little items that I haven't actually seen elsewhere! And trust me I'm always looking at baby items at the moment (cough... since I got pregnant ...cough). Great prices and delivery, olus if you need any advice you can ask Rachel as she seems lovely.
What I don't love about Organic Bambino? - The green website and the layout, sorry Rachel but to me it seems a litle bit wow, I think thats because I don't like green though (after years of wearing it to school I guess :)...) so to anyone else it might be lovely. But that really is the only thing I don't love about Organic Bambino - just like to be honest in all of my reviews.

When the parcel arrived it was wrapped in green tissue paper and had a lovely ribbon around it (I know, I know I don't like green but this small amount of green is actually ok). I've actually kept the ribbon incase Oliver wants to use it while making something :) Inside I found a lovely 'Green Nippers' Pink stripe and white girls kimono baby grow.   which originally cost £17.50 but is now on offer for only £12.49 
Michael has actually said this item is one of his favs that we have for Isabelle due to it being so soft. It's made from 100% organic cotton and it's ideal for new delicate skin, it also has intergrated scratch mittens as well as feet! Making it able to be a 'sleepsuit' or something you could pop some socks and bootees on with while still having a comfy baby. It washes up really nicely, looking new again and agan after washes. It's definitely given me a love for 100% organic cotton clothing for Isabelle. 

The second item I was sent was a Funky Giraffe bandana bib in dark pink. Isabelle is already a dribbler so I know this item is going to get lots of use! It's 100% cotton on the front and 100% polyester on the back keeping babies nice and dry from dribbles! On Organic Bambino you can purchase these for £2 and to add to that great value, all orders over £10 will get free delivery.

* I thought I had a photo of Isabelle in the bandana bib but I can't seem to find it on my phone, it's in the wash at the moment - the bib, not my phone because that would just be silly and although I have got 'baby brain' going on, it's not currently that bad! So I will make sure to add a photo of her wearing it soon.

They sell some really lovely stuff so make sure you have a look! I've been looking and this is another of my fav items from Organic Bambino - click here  it's cute isnt it?

Mary-Kate, x 

please note, these items were sent to me for the review but all of the opinions are my own.

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