Thursday 17 April 2014

Shnuggle Basket - Modern moses basket !

Isabelle Rose has a new bed and we all love it! It's the Shnuggle Basket, a very clever modern moses basket... if you're pregnant and looking for a moses basket stop! because I've found the perfect one for any newborn baby.

You can find out more about Shnuggle here.

So basically we brought Isabelle's moses basket back in October at the baby show, from Babies R Us for £54.99 and although it's gorgeous with little flower vintage print all over... after trying this Shnuggle Basket I've decided it's 100 times better that a normal moses basket and now the Shnuggle is where little miss Isabelle sleeps. 

Traditional meets modern, this basket looks like the traditional moses basket but it's so much better and let me tell you why... 

Firstly it's made from strong and hypoallergenic material thats easy to clean so it's far safer for your baby (not to mention fantastic if you plan to have more babies in the future, you can easily store this away and not have to worry about it being ruined and dirty unable to clean it. I never thought about it with the normal moses baskets but how do you really clean that wicker?).
Normal moses baskets made a noise when babies move about, I'll be completely honest - it doesnt always make the noise but when it does you think 'ohh please don't wake up!' what's great about this Shnuggle basket is it's almost silent so along with 100% pure cotton fabrics, its a warm, comfortable and safe place for your baby to sleep. One of my favourite things about this basket? The hood. Yes the hood. I can't tell you how many times in just 4 weeks I've put the hood on the babies r us moses basket back up or tried to make it tighter so it would stop falling back down. I remember having the same problem with Oliver's normal moses basket too when he was a baby so I guess they all do it. Not this Shnuggle basket though, it's got a clever locking system which means the hood really does stay up! I love that.

The basket is easy to set up and theres even a youtube video to show you how -

Shnuggle basket set up video 

The padding is tight to fit but thats good because then its safer. It can also be washed in the machine at 30 or 40 and dried slowly! 

So heres Isabelle sleeping in her moses basket from Babies R Us (she's 4 weeks old but look how much space she has! Not to mention how the material always needs to be pulled back on and the hood, well I've given up with that! Oh and the handles, always in the way.) 

Now this is Isabelle, on the same day in the Shnuggle basket - see how much bigger it is? It looks cleaner although they're both basically new and it actually padded, the material isnt able to slip off like the normal one. Oh and the handles arent in the way! Definitely better.
One last thing I love about the Shnuggle is the rocking stand, it rocks length way instead of sideway - the other one rocks sideways and she with it rocks side to side as if shes going to fall to the side. Not to mention, she hated that rocking stand but the Shnuggle she loves and it sends her back to sleep, when she moves it gently rocks.

Price compare

Babies R Us moses basket - £54.99 
Babies R Us rocking stand - £29.99 (although I did keep this from when Oliver was a baby)

Shnuggle Basket - £75.00 
Shnuggle Rocking stand - £25.00 

Plus Shnuggle offer free delivery on orders over £75.
Considering how much better the Shnuggle basket is I really think it's worth that little extra. It's available in a range of colours - I went for the Ivory Cream as I think it looks really smart and unisex, great if you want to keep the basket for next time (Dont panic Michael - theres not a next time!! 2 is enough). But they also have other gorgeous colours which you can view here  

I'd like to Thank Shnuggle for creating such a lovely little first bed for babies, really is traditional meets modern! 

Mary-Kate & Isabelle x 

*Please note that this Shnuggle Basket was sent to me for the purpose of reviewing but all of the opinions are my own.



  1. Wish I had had this when mine were babies!! #TriedTested

  2. We had a crib that someone lent us for Toby but this moses basket does look great if we have another baby!

  3. We had the Shnuggle too, and I just loved it - wish it had been around when my older 2 were born! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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