Thursday 10 April 2014


Breastfeeding is something I struggled with first time around but this time I've coped much better and that's because I was more prepared - thats with information about breastfeeding thanks to 'google', Mummy and Little Me retreat and past experience, material things to make it easier (such as the snoob and gorgeous breastfeeding pillow - review coming soon) and the understanding that although it is natural, it is difficult sometimes and takes time to perfect! It's been over 3 weeks now and I haven't given up, YAY! *pat's own head*

So, although I haven't been asked to tell you about Snoob, I just couldn't resist telling you very quickly! I've always been a bit nervous about breastfeeding while out and muslins are great to cover you while feeding however, what about when you need to move? or it slips by iself (Does happen!!), you find yourself stiff unable to move incase someone see's something so that's whats great about this breastfeeding scarf, it can't move! meaning you're able to relax and concentrate on feeding your baby. And whats more is it's stylish so no one will even know its for breastfeeding and it's perfect for covering baby - I actually started wearing them while still pregnant. I can sort it out around her one handed which is great. I think they're fantastic and hope that my collection will keep growing. I have a grey one and a cream one so far but I've recently fallen in love with their new Orchid colour!

You can view Snoob by clicking here! They retail for £25. 

 Mary-Kate, x


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