Monday 21 April 2014


I used pampers when Oliver was a baby so I knew this time that was the brand I wanted to use and I was delighted when some Pampers sent me a few packets of New Baby Size 1 to see what I thought of them... I'm impressed, they've improved since Oliver was a baby. 

'Unique Absorb-Away Layer' - Quickly draws both wetness and runny poo away from newborn skin for dryness and protection. What I think? Well I don't know if such a thing exists as 'Unique Absorb-Away Layer' but to be honest I have actully noticed that Isabelle's poo isnt on her skin, it's on the nappy, now I'm not sure if that is due to this layer or if its just because shes still tiny and thats just what her poo does... I should test her in a different brands nappy and see what happens. 

'Wetness Indicator' - I LOVE this feature, theres a yellow line down the nappy and it turns blue when the baby pees, letting you know a nappy change is needed! 

'New navel Friendly Shape' - Curved designed provides a soft and comfortable fit around babies delicate belly button area.
We love these Pampers New Baby nappies, they're super-absorbent and very soft against babies new skin. My favourite thing about them is the wetness indicator which saves you changing babies nappy when they havent actually done any wee! Pampers is the brand I'd suggest to any parents to be. 
Mary-Kate, x

Please note Pampers sent me a few packets to try out but all of the opinions in this review are my own - I think they're great!

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