Tuesday 22 April 2014

Nursing clothing by Love Milk

As you know I am breastfeeding Isabelle - 5 weeks so far and I'm still doing it :) I'm very proud of that considering I struggled so much with Oliver, I was very determined this time. One thing I haven't got the hang of though is breastfeeding in public but to be honest I haven't really had the chance to get used to it yet however I have had people round/been to family members houses and I think one of the essential things for my breastfeeding success when people are around is nursing clothing! I don't like the idea of anyone being able to see my boobs and I don't want to lift my top or dress, to have my belly on show. 

So nursing clothing is very important to me, however high street stores offer nothing nursing that's actually pretty and fashionable, why should new mums not feel beautiful? That's why I've been looking for breastfeeding clothing brands and I have found a fantastic one to share with you... Love Milk. 

Love Milk nursing clothing was founded in 2010 by Helena Henning in Sweden and you can find out more about why she created 'Love Milk' - here.

"Love Milk focuses on sustainable, easy and colourful living. But, most importantly, we want to help making nursing easier and let all mothers feel beautiful."  Helena Henning, founder of Love Milk

Amber Nursing Dress
I was sent 3 gorgeous Love Milk items to review and I've been wearing them for a few weeks now so that I can give you my honest opinion on them.

Firstly I was sent this lovely black Amber nursing dress which is made from bamboo and therefore super soft on your skin. It has a narrow panel of broderie anglaise on the shoulders with a v-shaped neckline it gathers across the bust which means you can't even tell it's a nursing dress! I love that you just need to pull it to the side to feed baby and I have a feeling it would be suitable for feeding twins as well. I have worn it to the shops and around the house as well as to see family but you could just as easily dress this up for an evening out. I've washed it and it keeps it shape really well the one thing I wish is that it was able to go in the tumble dryer but having said that it does dry fairly quickly if you hang it up! So, it's not a massive deal and it's too nice to ruin in the tumble dryer. This dress costs £69, originally I would of thought that was too expensive but having worn the dress now I understand the price tag. I'm usually very careful with how much I spend on clothing for myself but I genuinely think this dress is worth the price tag. Whenever it's clean and ready to wear, this is the item I will wear. It's super comfortable and ideal for new mums who want to look and feel pretty while not having something super tight on, especially if like me you've had a c-section. I've worn this dress with tights and over the top of leggings with flip flops or boots but I can't wait for warmer weather to wear it just as a dress.

Molly Nursing Top
Second item I was sent is this Molly nursing top in black, I love that the design of it is fitted at the same time suitable for my new mum tum! Again this is made from stretchy bamboo jersey and is very soft. I love the lace detail at the front, it would suit being dressed down with jeans or dressed up, while still being able to feed baby with the cleverly hidden nursing access.This top costs £39 which I think is very reasonable considering its easily dressed up and down meaning you can wear this one top for several different occasions.

And last but not least this gorgeous maxi dress which I absolutely cannot wait to wear (when we get suitable weather.. or Michael takes me somewhere!). It's called Shelley in ultramarine colourway and at first I didn't think it would suit me because of my 'mum tum' I thought it would really make it look terrible but the gorgeous bamboo jersey flows nicely over my curves. Theres a floral embroidery around the bust/waist area which draws attention to that area. The material over the boobs is gathered meaning yet again, Love Milk have managed to make discreet nursing access! I haven't worn this item out yet but I have tried it on alot and I can't wait to wear it out, it will look lovely with some pretty sandals in the summer. This dress retails for £89. I think if you're looking for a dress to wear as a wedding guest for example this would be great because you can dress it up while at the same time being able to wear it on holiday or on days out in the summer meaning you get more for your money! I think if I was going to a summer wedding I'd wear this, I hate the idea of 'wasting' money on clothes you'll wear once considering you wont be breastfeeding forever but as you can get multiple use out of this dress it's much more appealing.
Shelley Nursing Dress
What do you think of the items?
Make sure you have a look at Love Milk and let me know whats your favorite!

Mary-Kate, x

Please note that Love Milk sent me these items for review but all of the views are my own.

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