Tuesday 22 April 2014

losing the baby weight...

When I was pregnant with Oliver I put on a whopping... 5 stone. oops, craving those kit kats every day might have helped - ok definitely helped towards that. It took me years to lose the weight and actually I'd only just lost it when I got pregnant with Isabelle! So I find myself post baby for the second (and final) time, ready to start losing the baby weight all over again.
While pregnant with Isabelle though, I put on just under 2 stone which is obviously alot better - considering my borbon biscuits didn't get ditched, it's pretty good really! So I'm guessing losing the extra weight will be easier when I can eventually do more. Although it's been 5 weeks since my emergency c-section, I still have a sore tummy and don't feel up to doing certain things.

I believe that baby weight takes 9 months to go on so it doesnt matter if it takes 9 months to come off and that's what I'm going to aim for to be back to my pre-Isabelle size when she's 9 months (but if I get there and I'm still a little over, who cares? I made a human!). I've no intention of rushing to lose weight, I'd rather spend time with my family than fuss over weight and I'm breastfeeding, so if I'm hungry I'm eating!

So every month from now on I'm going to blog about my weight. 

This photo is 5 weeks after having Isabelle.
I'm not going to ask how long it took you to lose baby weight but I am going to ask you, how long did it take you to feel happy with your body again?

Mary-Kate, x

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  1. I'm feeling better about it now (4 months post) but I still have work to do!


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