Friday 18 April 2014

Isabelle bedtime routine

Although Isabelle is only 1 month old we are already trying to get her into a little bedtime routine... 

She starts bedtime by having a bath in her Shnuggle Cosy Bath  and sometimes big brother Oliver gets to help too.

Then after her bath its time to get dry using a rather lovely towel from Pixie & Jack - it's massive and keeps her very warm. You can see more about the towel here. 
Isabelle has very dry skin and on her face she has 'baby acne' which I'm sure looks very like eczema. So I've started using diprobase cream on her face - like the doctor said to and on her body I'm using a lovely Mum & Me cream, we've also got Mum & Me bath products, we love them. Oliver's got some great items by cussons Mum & Me too. 
Then she gets dressed for bed - usually in a Next sleepsuit, Next sell some really lovely baby items. And in she gets in her Puckababy for the night (well until the night feed that is...) Sometimes she pulls this face.. I call it the GIVE ME MILK NOW face. 
Then I get to sit in my rather lovely Tutti Bambini nursing chair, which Michael brought for me after the health visitor who visited us upset me. Isn't he lovely? I couldnt get comfortable feeding her anywhere and this chair is fantastic, paired with a feeding cushion from Thrupenny Bits it's the perfect feeding chair. Usually I read her a little book or tell her a little story, mainly because to begin with she was a very sleepy lazy lady and I had to keep her away but now it's because I think it's great to start reading books to your little ones and it's never 'too early'. Oliver also loves telling her about his stories.
Then it's time to get into her lovely Shnuggle Basket which you can read about here. But only for 4 hours, I've been told not to let her sleep longer as need to get her gaining more weight. 

Does your little one have a routine ?


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