Thursday 13 March 2014

Their Nibs London

Oliver like most other 4 year old boys, loves pirates! He also loves pjs - I think he gets that from Mummy? (Who is actually known for on pj days, having a shower and getting into clean pyjamas... yeah clean ones, does anyone else do this? Because Michael seems to think it's only me but I'm sure that there must be someone, anyone else? Although it's a lazy day, I still want to feel clean! Hehe) anyway, pj days together with a film are one of our favourites... So he was very excited to open a parcel from Their Nibs which inside he found a pirate all in one nightwear, he put it on straight away. At the time he was poorly so he's now nicknamed it his poorly all in one - it makes him better!

If you haven't heard of 'Their Nibs' then you should have a look now - Their Nibs
They sell a lovely range of childrens clothing that is vintage inspired and not like any others you will currently see on the market. Founded in 2003, Their Nibs offer a vintage alternative to childrens fashion with bespoke prints, luxury finishings and unique design details. Theirs lots of celebrity fans including Kate Moss and Sienna Miller.

The Pirate all in one, washes up lovely and just ask Michael I'm very good at shrinking things but this has kept it's shape and still looks new after being washed. It's now Oliver's absolute favourite thing to wear whenever he gets the chance and he thinks its super comfortable, both for sleeping and playing - as well as those lazy poorly days watching films! A must have for anyone really? I think I want one... Maybe minus this big pregnant belly though? Might be awkward while I need a wee every 2 minutes (literally). Anyway Oliver is a very fussy little boy so I can tell you for sure that this item is comfortable or he just wouldn't wear it! Not once has he requested to take it off like most things... dressing gowns and slippers for example. This he actually fights to keep it on but sorry Oliver, you can't wear it to school. It looks like it will last for ages, the quality of it is great and I won't be surprised if Oliver wants another one when he's outgrown this one. At £24 I think it's really worth it.

You can find the boys all in ones 'onesies' currently available here.

And ofcourse they have a girls range too which are gorgeous.

Just so you can see a few of their other items available, my favourites are.. 

How cute is this ?!
 It doesn't stop at clothing, make sure you check out their Nursery range too, gorgeous bedding and also lovely hooded towels in vintage prints that you just won't find anywhere else.
So make sure you take a look at 'Their Nibs' here
Follow them on Twitter @TheirNibs
and look for them on facebook too!

Oliver was very kindly sent this all in one for the purpose of this review but all of the opinions are our own, we're big Their Nibs fans and I'm sure that little lady will be too (when she arrives!!).
Their Nibs London offers a beautifully crafted vintage alternative to children's fashion with bespoke prints, luxury finishings and unique design details. - See more at:

Their Nibs London is known in the children’s fashion industry for distinctive vintage-inspired silhouettes paired with unique hand-designed prints. Influenced by Great Britain in the 1950's, 60's and 70's, Their Nibs London offers a beautifully crafted vintage alternative to children's fashion with bespoke prints, luxury finishings and unique design details.

Founded in March 2003, the exclusive brand is proud to be celebrating its 10th Anniversary as the ‘go-to’ vintage children's label in 2013.  Their Nibs London boasts a dedicated celebrity following of Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Sadie Frost, Thandie Newton and Jude law to name a few.

Born in London’s fashionable Notting Hill district in the searing heat of the summer of 2003, followed by a second shop in Kensal Rise in 2009, Their Nibs London has gone from strength to strength in children vintage clothing with the opening of a showroom in Marble Arch and a global expansion in 2012.

Following recent investment from the international firm Sears Morgan holding, the brand has shifted to develop a new international strategy focusing on concessions, franchises and distribution. Their Nibs London continues to go from strength to strength in boys and girls vintage dresses by moving away from the UK retail model to focus upon wholesale and become a global brand.

The closure of the UK stores has also freed up resources for new ventures, namely expanding into the far East, where Their Nibs London has hired a manufacturer, opened a new office as well as five Thailand boutiques and concessions. The launch of a new website in November 2012 and addition of a new team is providing the manpower to take the brand to the next level, on both a UK and international level.

Having true English heritage at its roots, Their Nibs London has been nominated for many fashion design awards.
- See more at:

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