Thursday 13 March 2014

7 days overdue

Well it's a bit like a daily update now isnt it? Guess what... I'm still pregnant, still holding on to this belly! She's just not ready at all and today I've woken up and accepted that I will be induced next week, which makes me really sad as I don't want that delivery suite and I don't want those drugs but she is very unlikely to want to come out naturally before then and she needs to come out doesnt she?.. just doesn't feel like she's 'ready', if you get what I mean?

So, I'm trying to look on the brightside of this... atleast when you're induced you know when you're going to the hospital, you know she's going to be coming out soon and you're able to plan around that - especially when it comes to other children. Oliver will be going for his sleep over at nannies house which he is super excited about! He can't wait to meet his sister but he really can't wait to have a sleep over, every day he asks me the same question 'Are you going to the doctors today?' and when I try to explain to him that we just don't know until it happens he gets ever so upset. He's 4 though? So why should be understand she isn't coming until shes ready and she's unable to send a text message to say when shes going to make her arrival. Obviously she's just like her mummy and going to be late! oops, Sorry Michael... Looks like you will be waiting for 2 girls from now on. 

7 days overdue, 41 weeks pregnant and I've now got new stretch marks... don't get me wrong, my belly is covered with them already but they were all old ones from when I was pregnant with Oliver and absolutely massive. I feel smaller this time, although I'm big, I dont think I am as big as I was then. Today I've noticed red stretch marks at the top of my belly - who knows, I might have some underneath but actually I can't see there! So the 'London Underground' map I have already in stretch marks on my stomach has clearly got a new 'Red line' today hehe.

I had my belly button pierced when I was younger and this photo will always be an example to my daughter of why not to get it done, I never listened to my mum but she didn't have any proof to back up the 'it will look awful one day' statement she kept giving to me... I ended up having top and bottom of my belly button pierced and now it looks like this... Ready? .... Big deal to me as it looks awful and no one apart from Michael and Oliver ever see my tummy... 


here... that hole that was once a hole is now a line...


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