Thursday 13 March 2014

Pregnancy weight gain

This is me March 2013 at my brother's wedding. I had lost my baby weight from Oliver who I had in 2009 - what can I say, I wasn't in a rush...
 And now nearly a year later... this is me, almost ready to start that 'losing baby weight' thing all over again. But do I care?... No.

just before 8 months pregnant with Oliver
Pregnancy is a time when your body is changing more than it ever will in 9 months and the first time round I personally found this very hard to deal with, from the strops of 'what to wear' to the cravings of 5 kitkats a day - thats the big ones, not the little 2 finger ones... to being too tired to do just anything. It's safe to say I piled on the pounds or as I should actually say - the stones! When I was pregnant with Oliver I put on... 5 stone. My midwife had a huge go at me and so she should - at the time, I thought. Bitch, she was over weight and how dare she judge me at this time... but she was actually doing her job, telling me to slow down with the weight gain because it was not good for me or for my baby. I didn't listen, in fact maybe when I left her room I comfort ate a bit more. After I had Oliver I was very down, I think thats mainly because I had put on so much weight and I struggled to lose it. I mean, getting up off my bum a bit more might of helped but at the time it was hard to see that's what I needed, to be more active! Slowly I did lose the 'baby weight' then I got pregnant again.

This time though, I think I've been alot more careful than I was last time. Don't get me wrong, I have eaten far too many chocolate biscuits, brownies, cakes and crisps... eat bite thinking oops but why shouldn't I eat what I want every now and then? 'I am pregnant, after all'. So this time I've put on nearly 2 stone which to me... is much, much better than last time. I think it's helped having Oliver to run around after, I haven't been able to snack as much as last time because if I did - he would expect the snacks too and I've been getting out more. I do hope to get back to a size 12 after having this baby but I will be honest with you, I'm in no rush at all I will do it eventually because I want to but my baby is much more important to me than my waist size and I can live with being a bit bigger for a while because a while doesnt mean forever. I hate the judgemental people that expect everyone to be able to shrink back as soon as possible, that's not going to happen. 9 months on...9months off is what I have to say! What's the rush?

Summer 2013 with my Oliver

How much weight did you put on during your pregnancy? Have you lost it yet and if so how long did you take?

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