Wednesday 12 March 2014

For 9 months I've needed...

I'm now towards the end of my pregnancy so I've decided to share with you what I really couldn't of lived without. Obviously, my family are number one and they have put up with my grumpy pregnancy hormones and my emotional tears better than many others could so, thank you! But onto material things I couldn't have managed without... 
  • Maternity bras have got to come first, you won't understand how uncomfortable your boobs will get in normal bras until you get to that point when you just can't take them anymore. Mothercare is where I went and I would suggest you avoid Marks & Spencers - I love M&S however bra fitting especially maternity/nursing is something that they just cannot do. Recently I was measured there as a 36c when my actual size is 36e... big difference huh? So stick to Mothercare, they know what they're doing when it comes to bra's for mums and mums-to-be. Bravado is another fantastic brand I've recently tried but I will tell you more about Bravado in a separate post when I am breastfeeding, let me tell you this though - they should win the most comfortable bra ever award.
  • Maternity wedge pillow Since my bump appeared I would of struggled to sleep without this maternity wedge pillow. It goes under my bump when I'm laying on my side and it supports it so baby isnt just laying mid air, she's got something supportive underneath her and it's saved me many sleepless nights.
  • Maternity clothes I don't know how people manage so long in their 'normal' clothes but fair play to you if you do, I however couldn't. As soon as my belly felt bloated I didn't want those jeans digging in and I would of just had a full blown grown up tantrum if I had to wear them. Black maternity leggings from Mothercare were my saviour, over the bump jeans - under the bump hurt, I must have always be low bumped as I couldn't handle anything digging in.. I really like to be comfortable. Having said that, for the last 6-8 weeks the mothercare leggings haven't fitted me as they were too tight... but I've kept them to wear afterwards as I know I won't be going straight back into normal clothing. Next, are the leggings I'm wearing now and they are so comfortable. Over the bump, really high and super stretchy. At first these were too big for me, so they are definitely ideal for later on in pregnancy. My 'normal' dresses have turned into my maternity tops, much more comfortable than maternity tops with leggings and saves a bit of money too. I have got some fantastic maternity/nursing clothing which I'll tell you about separately if you do want to invest in some great items that will last you then I have a lovely little selection. 
  • Fighting morning sickness  Ginger nut biscuits and sprite!
  • Ugg boots When I was pregnant with Oliver, shoes were not a problem... my feet were very swollen but he was born in August and therefore flip flops were my best friend. This time however, it's been cold and I'm due in March - flip flops have been worn once but it's not really practical every day wear at the moment is it? So without ugg boots I literally wouldn't have anything to put on my feet. Not normal uggs - Cardy knit uggs in grey... I always regretted buying them until now, now that I actually need them I am so thankful I thought they were a good buy at the time. They've definitely won me over. Not easy to walk in mind you but atleast I can walk outside, that I am very greatful for.
  • Champneys blissful bump range Because it smells lovely and leaves even my feet really soft. Yes my feet, if I use the bump oil and the bump butter on my feet they feel the softest they've ever been.. weird.
  • Marks & Spencers For socks, they're super stretchy and therefore ideal for swollen feet.
  • Pregnacare for vitamins! I know my diets not the best so it's nice to be able to take something to top it up.
  • Twitter for all the lovely pbloggers I've spoken to that have kept me company while pregnant and given me lots of useful advice. Also all the great brands that I have discovered because of twitter.

    What helped you survive the 9 months of pregnancy?

    Mary-Kate, x


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