Friday 14 March 2014

Last minute...

A last minute look inside my hospital bag... So now I'm 8 days overdue and 2cm - oh yes! Something's happening. So while bouncing on my yoga ball... 
I decided to have a last minute look inside my hospital bag, risky if I went into labour while it was all over the bed. oops! But no panic because it's all put back inside the bags now and in order of how I think I will need/want it.
Doesn't look like much does it? But I've packed so much inside these two bags for me, Michael and ofcourse baby! 

In the photo above:  
Elle Tens +
Pads and disposable knickers 

Red nightie & purple top to wear in labour
Disposable knickers & pads
Hand gel
Hot weather cooling spray

White bag with wash bits in for after giving birth
Pink old towel
Brand new nursing nightie from Mama's & Papa's

Baby Girl first outfit, blanket and Gro swaddle

A few bits for Michael;
Swim shorts - incase I go in the pool and want him to aswell hehe.
2 x t'shirts 

socks - incase he gets wet feet? I don't know. 

 A few snacks including TipTree Jam & Tea Pigs tea bags!!
For me to wear home:
New look maternity jumper 
Strappy top 
Mothercare black leggings 
Bravado bra 

Aden + Anais large muslin
Pink Mum & Me bag with bits and bobs inside including No.7 foundation
Changing mat
Mini hairbrush from Boots.
Sample nappies - from the bounty packs!
Breast care set by Medela

 Presents for Oliver from Baby Girl - VERY important.
Wrapped up one is a lego set and lucky bag has sweets and toys inside. When he gets home he also has got a few things from her - a bucket full of sweets, a book, a CD with his name repeated throughout and a sunflower set.

So thats it! Have I forgotten anything important?

What was the thing you couldn't have done without during labour and after labour at hospital?
Now I'm going to put these fat feet up... 

Mary-Kate, x


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