Saturday 15 March 2014

9 days overdue

Seeing as it's a daily update now... I'm 9 days overdue, is she ever going to come? To add to what happened yesterday in my update, yesterday afternoon a lovely community midwife came to my house and gave me a sweep which seemed to work as I had a show afterwards.. as Michael would say now - Yucky.

She said I'm 2cm so from Tuesday - Friday I've gone 1cm! Woo.
I've had pains at the bottom of my back and sharp pains going down my lower tummy but nothing else.. So it looks like tomorrow in day 10 over due update I will be telling you about a hospital visit to have another sweep. She suggested I had 3 before my induction which will be on Wednesday. She also said that to avoid induction they might be able to break my waters.

Today we went to Sainsburys and I brought lots of healthy stuff

Mary-Kate, x

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