Sunday 16 March 2014

10 days overdue!

I'm still pregnant. As I wrote that I got pain at the bottom of my back - again, I've had it since yesterday so I don't know if it's leading somewhere. We are up and ready to leave to go to the hospital drop in clinic to have a check up and also for me to have a second sweep. Never know, might help?

Oliver's off to a party today and he's very excited. I'm hoping I don't go into labour at the party and therefore I'm making Michael stay with me hehe.

Today I'm at that really uncomfortable stage where suddenly it's hot outside yet I don't have any maternity clothes prepared for this as it's been cold during my pregnancy and I expected to have had baby girl by now. Then looking through my wardrobe I realised I was sent a few nursing tops from a brand called Bella Mama to review on here and also on Visit From The Stork so I thought I'd try it on in the off chance it fit me now too.. and it does! It's super super soft and comfortable and I regret not putting it on sooner, so my full review of this top will come when I'm nursing but I just wanted to tell you about it briefly now because it saved me from a grown up tantrum!

It's called Xanthe Nursing top in black which you can find here it costs just £29 which is a bargain if you think about it lasting maternity and nursing - its got a design that will hide a new mum tum! Love it.

Check out those swollen feet?

Thank you Bella Mama for saving my day. 


Mary-Kate, x

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  1. I hope baby's here soon and you don't have too much longer to wait. The last few weeks are just horrible, aren't they! Good luck!


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