Sunday 16 March 2014

Something has arrived...

Nope, not the baby yet but this lovely Nonabox! 

Have you heard of Nonabox before? I hadn't until I was asked to review one and now, I'm in love. It's such a cute idea, a great way to try new different products you might not of even heard of before! I've discovered lovely items I hadn't heard of before. 

So firstly, a little bit about Nonabox... 

Each month you will be sent a box full of items picked just for you depending on what stage you're at, from pregnancy to when your little one is 2 years old. The boxes cost you £25 but the value of whats inside always totals to more than that = bargain for you! Especially because P&P is always free. (I don't know about you but I love free postage).
The brands you will find inside are chosen because of there quality and usefulness. Some of the brands you may find inside include; Mam, Thortons, Waterwipes and Puckababy. You can see a full list of brands here.

It's obvious when it arrives what's inside and that adds to the excitement, rush to open the box!
How lovely? ... little girl still hasn't arrived but I'm sure she will love the contents of this box when  she does arrive.
 Fancy a look inside?

Opening the box time...

I can't wait to try these wipes, I haven't seen them before and they look great, suitable for newborn skin! Ideal when taking baby out and that cotton wool and water just isn't practical.
 I love dribble bibs and this one comes with a matching hat which is adorable!
 Swim nappy! how fancy, I didn't know you could get these? love it.
 I've seen this brand but never tried it so can't wait to put it to the test! I will let you know what I think.
 Baby massage oil... ahhh I loved baby massage with Oliver and can't wait to try it with baby girl.
 Didn't use any creams like this one from Medela when I had Oliver so I'm looking forward to seeing if this helps.
Another brand I hadn't heard of before - pasito a pasito! It's an adorable little rattle and Oliver's been trying to get it out.
So as I like to be honest on my posts, I have googled the prices of these items individually and I can honestly tell you that they total to way over £25 so you are getting a bargain by having a Nonabox. I absolutely love this idea, it's like recieveing a present monthly!

Make sure you keep an eye out for my review also coming on Visit From The Stork about this Nonabox. I think I will do it once baby is here so I can review the items inside the box aswell as the box itself?

Hopefully that will be soon, hehe.

Thank you Nonabox!

Please note that this item was sent to me to be reviewed but all of the opinions here are my own.
Mary-Kate, x


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