Friday 14 March 2014

8 days overdue

Last night I was getting little pains and kept thinking 'oh is this something?' but it wore off, like it does. 
Today I was booked in for a 12:30 midwife appointment with a cover midwife who saw me on Tuesday and was absolutely lovely - NOT, she was a cow. So I arrived with 5 minutes to spare - I always always arrive super early to these and end up waiting in a hot room for ages so today I didn't see the need to wait ages. I checked in - so they knew I was there and then requested from the receptionist a urine sample pot... popped off to the toilet and then joined Michael's mum in the waiting room.

15 minutes passed and there was no sign of a midwife, no pregnant ladies coming in or out and I thought hmm.. The room usually used for midwives an eldery man went into, to see a doctor. So I was very confused. I went to the receptionist to ask her how long my appointment would be and she said "the midwife has gone home". Errm? What. Why? "why's she gone home? I have an appointment and I'm 8 days overdue. She has insisted I needed to see her today to try the sweep again, check my blood pressure, make sure all was ok and to see if I could be changed onto Tuesday for induction instead of Wednesday, as then I will be 13 days overdue. She said that she just left, out the back because she thought I wasn't there! She didn't even ask the receptionist if I had checked in - which, I had. The receptionist was very annoyed too and she called the community midwife office and asked them for the number of this cover midwife to question her. She got the number and called her... She said "well she wasn't there and I'm not coming back" the receptionist said "well she was here, you should of asked. She had popped to the toilet to do a sample, as you usually request and she will be taking this further making a complaint"... 

Ah ha! Complaint you say... She changes her mind and requests my phone number so that she can call me to possibly arrange coming to my house today! Well guess what lady? I don't want you to come to my house. I don't want to see you and YES that complaint, is being made and it's being made with a massive massive tantrum because you are the worst midwife I've ever met. On Tuesday you took a private phone call in my appointment and didn't rush over it either, you also said in reply to my "I don't want to be induced" you said, "I don't care". Well, I hope you don't care that I'm complaining about you. Horrid lady. Waiting for community midwife to call me back, the one in charge that is, to see if I can have the sweep today at the hospital instead. Thanks for helping me avoid induction though? Good midwife.

On the plus side, I had a few lovely deliveries from the post man today! And DFS have finally delivered our comfy sofa and snuggle chair - which swivels, hard when you're pregnant. So looking on the bright side of today, atleast I can be incredibly pissed off but incredibly comfortable.

Mary-grumpy-Kate, x


  1. Oh gosh, what a nasty Midwife. I'd deffo get a complaint lodged and hope your bubs arrives soon without induction x

  2. Oh gosh, I don't blame you for not wanting to see her again..can you imagine her being your usual midwife? Lovely comfy sofa though..go put your feet up with a cuppa! Xx

  3. Mean mean mean. What a great job given to someone unworthy.
    We have a similar snuggle chair and it's awesome to be on with the buba on your chest. X


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