Tuesday 11 February 2014

Maternity clothing, anyone else struggled to find anything suitable on the high street that was actually comfortable while still making you feel girly? 

Yes, I'm sure many of you have. My only dislike about this pregnancy has been going into shops and asking where the maternity section is to be told, this... "Sorry we no longer stock maternity items in store, please have a look on our website" or "We don't do a maternity range anymore".

Then the hard task of actually finding online retailers that were actually worth it, nobody wants to actually have to return items! I have been known to just think 'I will return that... tomorrow' and never actually get around to it, yes Office, I do still have those awful boots I brought from you last year and I will never ever wear. 

I've known about this lovely website for a month now but I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to give it the review I think it deserves until now and Michael's off at football. I've turn one born every minute on... then quickly paused it! 3 weeks to go until due date. Don't scare yourself Mary-Kate!!


Lulibelle is a fairly new website, which I can tell is going to be very popular with mums to be as well as nursing mums, who want to be stylish and comfortable at the same time! 

Alice Thomas is the founder of Lulibelle, she is mummy to Teddy and therefore knows what it's like to actually be wearing maternity clothing! She understands the difference that the right maternity wear can make to your confidence during pregnancy and beyond. Looking good is very important and feeling good is very very important right now. 

After talking to Alice, I was very lucky to get an item of my choice to review. I loved so many different things on the website (Queen Mum is a gorgeous brand) the things I liked included;

These gorgeous jeans, over the bump jeans are definitely the most comfortable type you can get I think.These jeans retail for £80 which you may think alot but if I'm honest with you I have brought 2 pairs of jeans from New Look, 2 pairs from Next, 1 from Mothercare which total was more than this but I have only worn the mothercare as the others were not as comfortable. It's a wise idea to invest in a pair that are good quality, comfortable because you are more likely to get your moneys worth!

Then there was this lovely jumper dress which looks comfy as well as being able to dress it up a little or just casual with boots. It's currently in the sale for £52.

I could go on all day telling you the items I like on the website but I better get on with telling you about this gorgeous item I recieved... 

Displaying photo.JPG

Arrived very cutely packaged and super fast delivery! 

Displaying image.jpeg

Flower print nursing dress, I absolutely loved the idea of a maternity & nursing dress in one! Multi purpose items... But I wondered if it would actually be comfortable while pregnant and I'm delighted to be able to tell you it really is. Over the last few weeks I can't tell you how many times I have worn this dress, even with my brown boots - which doesn't go but the dress is so comfortable I just don't care if my shoes don't go... my feet are swollen and they are all that will fit! hehe.

The material stretches lovely over my growing bump even at 36 weeks pregnant but I can still see that it will be fine when my bump goes down, it isnt losing it's shape. It's really attractive print and makes me feel girly when I'm wearing it, it's a lovely change from the usual dark or plain colors that I wear and I don't have any other maternity/nursing items like this one. If you go into one of the few shops in town that sell maternity items you will not find anything like this dress - trust me, I've looked around alot!

I've obviously been wearing it with tights because this weather is oh so wet and cold but I think it would be lovely at any time of the year, in the summer with a pair of wedges - like said on Lulibelle website. I love that I have got used to wearing this comfortable dress and I don't have to stop wearing it when baby arrives. It retails for £79 which I think is great considering how much wear you can get out of this one item, nights out or just trips shopping you can dress it up or down as you like. Can't wait to see how easy it is to wear while breastfeeding and I will be sure to let you know how I get on! But for now I am going to continue to wear it with my bump, I'm going to wear it for my birthday on saturday when we go out for dinner. Oliver's taking me for pizza, apparently :)

Make sure you have a look at Lulibelle website.

Mary-Kate, x 

please note that this dress was sent to me to review but all of the opinions are my own. 

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