Friday 7 February 2014

36 week update !

Oh my goodness, I'm 36 weeks already! This pregnancy has definitely gone faster than my first with Oliver and because we've been moving I haven't had time to blog :(

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How long left? 4 weeks. Scary!

What's new this week? Oliver started a new school this week and so far he absolutely loves it which is lovely, he has made some friends already and the children seem really nice, he was very nervous of going to a new school but now he's excited and wants to go every day. The walk there is up hill, with this big belly, swollen feet and a 4 year old to drag up there - it's hard! Can't imagine it being much easier with a pushchair to push up there especially when baby gets bigger, eek! Downhill is lovely though. We registered at the local childrens centre, it's tiny! we are used to a bigger one, this one is like one room.

What's annoyed me this week? Oh, well it's easy to annoy me at the moment but the most annoying has to be going to a consultant appointment for the consultant to not actually be there, the registrar that was covering to be 2 hours late for our appointment and then he didn't know the reason I was there, spoke about something different then when I explained why I was there he said he was unable to answer the questions - that needed the consultant! Oh goody, thank you for wasting our time! The heating still isn't working in our new house - we've been here 2 weeks.
What I love? The view of fields from Oliver's new bedroom window, belgian chocolate twists from M&S and Michael letting me put my feet up while he's doing the washing up. Oliver being happy in his new school.

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What I miss? Cuddling Michael, we've developed a side cuddle which isn't as good oh and bending over without looking like some sort of chicken! And feet not being swollen!
What I'm wearing? Not much is comfortable anymore but I do have my favorites, including; Next black over the bump leggings and Mothercare over the bump skinny jeans. (Under the bump is a total no no, they are nowhere near as comfortable! which is a shame because I brought 4 pairs of under the bump jeans and haven't really worn them). Mothercare black tights. Some New Look jumpers and a few lovely dresses which I will be blogging about soon. 

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Must do this week? Sort bump tea party, I know... last minute! Attend antenatal class with Michael, blog about it! Make sure I've got a birth plan, tens machine, hospital bag ready, bag for Oliver - with presents from the baby and a bag with bits to come home from hospital including puckababy GoGo. 

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Stretch marks? They haven't gone red but the ones I had from Oliver (a bit like the london underground on my tummy), are much more noticeable now. 


Mary-Kate x 

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