Wednesday 8 January 2014

Mary-Kate's Kindle Fire HDX #kindlefreetime

Kindle Fire HDX review by Me!

I was so excited when I got home with the Kindle Fire HDX, I couldn't wait for Michael to get here to help set it up for me (please note I am not very good with technology) so I decided to try myself... 

 I stumbled upon a problem instantly - maybe, just maybe I'm a little bit useless with technology & mixed in with my grumpy pregnant hormones I was even more useless so I was delighted when I realized "May Day button", I pressed it... and within seconds I was connected to a real person on the screen who could actually help me - Fantastic!

I didn't expect the call to be answered so quickly or for the team to actually be so helpful and patient while I got to grips with making Kindle Free Time work correctly. It turned out to be super simple to set it up, I blame the baby brain but it was so handy and stopped me stressing out by being able to set it up with help from the Amazon Kindle help team via May Day and best of all - it's free to use May Day! Also an Amazon expert will be available 24/7 365 days a year so no matter what you can get help when you need it.

So first on my list was to get my email, facebook and twitter all set up which was very easy. I love how it says "Mary-Kate's Kindle" at the top left when it's on my profile and when it's in Oliver's Kindle Free Time profile it says "Oliver's Kindle" so he genuinely think's its his kindle! sneaky and brilliant because I can see he's not on my profile with access to buying anything without actually taking the kindle off him because that, results in tears! 

I created a Kindle Free Time profile for Oliver and downloaded some apps from Amazon app store ready for him to play on - I love the Lego ones and he really enjoys them too. I think at 4 years old he's getting into the lego now - Michael is loving the lego too! I set the daily time limit for games to 30 minutes, although I have done this if he's been extra good or I need him to be quiet I can extend the time but he can't because he needs to enter a password to do this. He also needs to enter a password to get out of Kindle Free Time. 

What I love about the Kindle Fire HDX: 
  • The internet is faster than on other tablets I have used in the past. It has the fastest processor on a 7" tablet. 
  • It feels lighter than other tablets, even with a case on it.
  • May Day button - so helpful and puts this tablet above others! 
  • The HDX display is fantastic high quality and perfect colour. 
  • The battery life is really good, I find myself always using it but hardly charging it! 
  • Front facing camera. 
  • It says "Mary-Kate's Kindle" top left when in my mode. 
  • It has a number next to my name top left and if I pull this down it will tell me about new interactions on twitter/facebook and new emails I have received, which is fantastic as I don't have to check each individually.
  • Easy access to Amazon AppStore! Definitely the quickly I've ever been able to download new apps I wanted.
  • Obviously the Kindle Free Time is amazing! 
I have been using the Kindle Fire HDX for a while now and I really love that this is a tablet suitable for the whole family. It's perfect size for little hands without being too small for mum/dad to also use, it also looks really good. You can get it with ultra-fast 4G LTE technology which you can use to read emails, browse the web and more on the go!

There's also a selection of cases and stylus' available to make it easier to use for little hands like my little boy who's 4 years old.... I'll tell you what Oliver thinks a separate next post... 

*Please note that this was given to me for the purpose of this review & Oliver's review but all of the opinions are our own*
Mary-Kate x 

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