Wednesday 8 January 2014

Cherubs Chews #BabyShowerBlog

Have you heard of Cherub Chews?... No, well let me introduce you...

I love jewelry especially necklaces but I found when Oliver was little that he would either pull them or put them into his mouth - mostly when teething, to the point that I just gave up wearing them. This time I'd love to continue wearing some sort of jewelry because I do like it, I'm rather girly and I don't want to have to stop, so I was really pleased when I discovered Cherub Chews and delighted when I got this gorgeous necklace to review for my #BabyShowerBlog - I know that this isn't your normal 'Baby Shower' or 'New Baby' present but its something for new mummy that she can actually wear, these look really unique and it's something baby will like too! Sometimes it's nice to give people a gift that they wouldn't of other wise got or sometimes, even heard of... 

A little bit about Cherub Chews -

Emma creates these lovely baby wearing and nursing necklaces created for mummies, each necklace is 100% natural and eco-friendly, beads are covered in 100% cotton which is hand crocheted. Emma explains on her website what a nursing and baby wearing necklace is... 

"Each Cherub Chews necklace helps to catch your baby’s attention while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, babies will play with the beads rather than your hair, neck, eye or mouth. They are completely safe to chew on, explore, touch look and stimulate your babies senses and evolve your babies motor skills
Its also the perfect accessory for babywearing mummies, they can fiddle or chew your necklace when in front of back carry’s, and you can make the necklace short or long via the adjustable slip knot." 

To read more click - here!

I was delighted to be sent a gorgeous necklace in a new design to review, Emma asked what my favorite color was and then created this gorgeous necklace just for me!... 
Each necklace will come wrapped in tissue paper and in a packet with an information card which is a lovely touch, I really like the design, it's bright and stands out as happy. 

I obviously am still pregnant but I have actually worn this out a few times and I really like it, people have actually complemented it. 

I think baby will really like it too - especially because I wont be telling her to stop touching it. I love that its safe for babies and something they can look at while feeding or if you use a sling, baby wearing. 

There are a variety of designs available and a range of lovely color's so there's something to suit everyone. You can view the online shop by clicking Here!

As I haven't actually had my baby yet - 8 weeks left, I can't give you a review of how it is to wear with a little one but I do plan to update this as soon as I start wearing it with a little one, I am going to be breastfeeding and I can just imagine her pulling at the necklace - Oliver pulled my hair so this is better. 
Something that I must admit is that I was really against teething jewelry before I discovered Cherub Chews but these have actually changed my mind, I really like that they are wooden and they look really nice on unlike some other versions I have seen around. I also love that these don't look like a nursing/babywearing necklaces, they look as if they could be worn by anyone and there's nothing saying they can't be. 

They are also a really great price for the quality, handmade in the UK item you're getting... For example this one is called Crochet Nursing Necklace Perfect Purple and it's £13.99. See for yourself!
Crochet Nursing Necklace
Do you know a mummy or mummy to be who loves her jewellery ? Make sure you let her know about Cherub Chews! They are great for being able to wear jewellery you know is safe, not something too delicate to wear around baby and still looks good! Makes the ideal gift I think, not that I'm hinting ;) hehe. 
I can't wait to review my necklace again, to get other views on it will be great!

Remember you can find Cherub Chews on facebook - 
and you can follow on twitter - 
and buy online - 
*Please note that this necklace was sent to me for the purpose of the review, all of the opinions are my own!* 

Mary-Kate, x 


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