Wednesday 8 January 2014

#KindleFreeTime event

Kindle event at Maggie and Rose, Kensington.

I was very lucky to be invited to an event which was amazing. I have never been that into reading which I know is bad but I did really like the idea of the Kindle Fire HDX so I was very excited to attend with my hundreds of questions for the Kindle team.

Oliver was also invited but he had school and I like to be strict with his attendance so unfortunately he didn't come with me, I know that if he had of come with me I'd of missed the train home because he wouldn't of wanted to leave. But I did take Michael's mum with me as she had some questions about the Kindle paperwhite reader so it was a great opportunity for her to find more and also she's very good at planning the route so I didn't have to, hehe.

When we arrived we were greeted by the biggest of smiles and made to feel really welcome. And they had gorgeous chocolate brownies which I haven't stopped thinking about but it's probably best that I can't have them all the time as I would just pile on so much more weight.

Kindle Paperwhite £109 Click here for more information - The ultimate device for reading, I must admit when I arrived I considered this to be a waste of money but after the kindle team had shown us the product my mind changed completely and when I left I actually said I'd like one. The main things I liked about the Kindle Paperwhite is that it's screen has a built in light and there's no glare in bright sunlight, lighter than most tablets. Most importantly the battery life - it lasts weeks not hours! It also has kindle free time so you can create children their own profile and manage what they can read. 

As part of the event I was given a Kindle Fire HDX to review with Oliver as a family, I've decided to review it separately from my point of view and then from Oliver's point of view and maybe a little from Michael if he ever gets a look in..

Mary-kate x

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