Tuesday 26 November 2013

My little boy


"I'm not a baby.. I'm a big boy" Yes.. where did those 4 years go? 

So far this blog has been baby, baby, baby and I know Oliver can't read but I want it to be about him too because he's just as important and my Mummy Memories wouldn't be complete without him - the little boy who changed me in August 2009. 

Oliver brand new

About 3 weeks old
He's a lovely little boy and he's very caring, a little bit like an old man actually & yes he would share his last crisp with you, even if it has been half licked... Lovely! "No thank you". *Sorry to the lady on the train who had Oliver trying to give her half eaten monster munch!* 
He reminds me a lot of my Dad actually which is lovely.. not that I ever witnessed my Dad giving people half eaten foods so probably not the correct place to put that! But just how he is reminds me of him.

At the moment his most used sayings are "I love you all day".. "My brain is my filing cabinet".. "Did you know?".

Before his 2nd birthday.

Oliver loves to get a duvet and snuggle up on the sofa with mummys Oliver's V pillow, originally brought for using when breastfeeding baby girl but Oliver has stolen it, claimed it to be his and now I doubt I'd be able to get it back without a tantrum, no no - MASSIVE tantrum... that leads me on to another thing about this blog I'm not going to pretend that my child is getting everything correct all of the time, to me he is and always will be my perfect little boy but I will admit when he's not perfect at something. 

I don't feel the need to lie and big him up to other people, doesn't it make you feel rubbish if someone you know is always saying how perfect their kids are? Yeah, Right! Every kid does things at different ages... Oliver could walk by 11 months but he still can say 'S' or 'R' which causes some issues with the word Red being Led and the word 'Suck' being replaced with a 'F'... yeah that's the one! Eeek. 

He's still learning and I'm still learning with him.
So yes he does tantrum, he refuses to eat his dinner, he plays up when we're out sometimes, goes too hyper if he watches spiderman or power rangers (for this reason they are banned!) and the big thing with Oliver - he leaves going to the toilet until the last minute so if you're out Oliver will say "I need a wee now" and then its a panic to find the toilet after asking him again and again if he needed a wee, getting a reply of "No. No. No" Well actually yes you did! 

Hello Mr Duck.

Very happy age 4. 
But at the end of the day, he is very good and I am incredibly proud of him, there hasn't been a day in his life that he hasn't made me smile. 

Mary-Kate x 


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