Monday 25 November 2013

Baby Wish List, November 2013 x

25 weeks wish list 

Already done lots of baby shopping and some family have already commented how we haven't left anything for presents but I do still have a wish list for Baby Girl.. 

So I've decided once a month to do a wish list. 

November 2013 Wish list
  • 'Sophie the giraffe' People keep mentioning this cute little teething toy. (Anyone who has one, would you recommend it?) I do think it's very cute and I remember the hard times of teething with Oliver, so it will be number 1 on the wish list.

  • Baby Joules Blossom Babygrow which I've noticed on the Mummy and Little me website. Fell in love with this print, its very girly and cute. I'm used to buying 3 sleepsuits from Next for Oliver for less than this one which is £19.95 and I am still deciding whether I can let myself buy it.

  • John Lewis Baby hairbrush, it's only £4 which I think is a good price. Oliver was completely bald when he was born so you never know I might not actually need one of these for a few years again! Will put it on here so I remember I want it.. 

  • Owl sleepsuits from Next, 3 pack for £15 I love Next sleepsuits with Oliver and he still wears mainly Next clothes because they fit well, wash well and aren't too expensive (especially if you get up for the 5am sale where all sale items are half price or less!)

Michael loves owls at the moment.

  • Both Michael and myself love the brand Natures Purest which we discovered at The Baby Show, I want these two... 
Natalie Ragdoll 

Pure love bunny bootees 

Mary-Kate x



  1. My little boy was never fussed about Sophie but all his NCT buddies loved theirs. I would be SO tempted to buy the floral babygrow - it's gorgeous!

  2. Hehe brought Sophie today, really not leaving anything for gifts from people.. Oops! I love the baby grows! X


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