Wednesday 15 November 2017

It Happens To Everyone: Dealing With A Death In The Family

It’s something that everyone has to go through in their life, but when a family member dies it can be one of the most distressing experience there are. As a family unit, one of your main task at this time will be to ty and stick close together during the pain, and that itself can often be hard to do. It is often during these times that people start to act out in ways they later regret, and it’s worth remembering that nobody is going to be in their best way during this time. But as long as you can approach it in the right way, a death in the family can be handled much more effectively. Let’s see how.

Breaking The News

One of the worst aspects for you as a parent will be to break the news to your family, in particular the children. This can be extremely tough to do, and it varies depending on the age of the children as well. If you are struggling with working out how to do this, it might be worth considering getting help from another of the adults in the family. You don’t need to break the news alone if you don’t want to, and it is often better not to anyway. However you do it, be sure to be gentle and understanding, and to explain yourself as carefully as you can so you know they have genuinely understood you. Tough as this is, it is a necessary part of the process, so make sure you are happy with how you do it.

Arranging The Funeral

A big part of the whole situation is ensuring that the funeral is arranged in good time. Arranging a funeral can be surprisingly stressful, but it is really part of the grieving process itself. You will find that it is hugely important to have help in the form of a decent funeralcare company or undertakers. The co-operative funeralcare or similar are a good place to start, and they will be able to help you with every aspect of planning for the funeral. You will find this part of the process tough, but it will also act as a kind of necessary part of grieving itself, and it might actually help in the long run. Have your children as involved or not as they would like to be, and be sure that you are still caring for them in the same way.

Moving On

At some point, it becomes necessary for the family as a whole to try and move on. This can be the hardest part, of course, but it is also the most essential for the ongoing future of the family. Allow yourself, and your family, plenty of time to move on, as you can never predict how long it will really take. Make sure that you continue to support your children and family at the same time, and that you allow as much time as is necessary for the wounds to heal. In time, everything will seem much better, and make more sense.


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