Wednesday 8 November 2017

Fun Ways For Kids To Learn Outside of School

Our education system is excellent, and the fact that every child in the country is entitled to a free education is something we should never take for granted. So many countries around the world don’t offer this so we should remember how lucky we are. However learning in the classroom is just one part of the puzzle, for our kids to have life skills and be well rounded individuals there’s plenty they can learn outside of this too. Here are a few fun ways kids can learn outside of school.

Camping is a family favourite- it’s inexpensive, fun and you get to spend time outdoors. By taking kids camping you teach them an appreciation of nature, of the simple things. You show that you don’t always need fancy hotels and attractions to have a good time. Spend your days bird watching, bike riding, hiking, fishing, rock pooling, taking photos, building campfires and much more. It’s a way kids can get active, and teach them all kinds of skills and outdoorsy things that they simply wouldn’t get the chance to do sat at home or in a classroom. If nothing else, it gets them active and running around, getting some fresh air and away from their screens. Even if you go on a big family vacation one or twice a year, make the time in the school holidays to go camping too. Whether it’s in a tent, a caravan, RV or anything else, it’s a great opportunity for children and fun for all the family. You could meet other families and it could provide an opportunity to socialise too.

Teaching children to empathise is important as a parent. Letting them understand that some people aren’t as well off as they are, and that as humans we should be doing what we can to help. If you already have a volunteering position, see if you can bring your child in with you. Not only does this teach them respect and humbleness but it also helps them to understand how lucky they are. Having appreciation of your own life is another good trait, it prevents children from becoming spoiled since they know what they have and how much worse off others are. Volunteering encourages children to be kind, helpful and sympathetic people in life which are wonderful traits for any human to have. These kinds of activities help to strengthen and develop the more emotional and caring side of children.

Museums and Galleries
There’s one thing learning about art and history in books, but quite another seeing paintings and artifacts in person. Taking your children to these kinds of places will give them an interest in these subjects, can help to build their intelligence and spark their curiosity. Best of all, they’re usually free to visit and are indoors so make for the perfect rainy day family day out. Lots of museums and attractions like this have exhibits that are specially designed for kids too, they’re usually fun and interactive so appeal to children while getting them interested and excited. It could be anything from a space museum to natural history, it could be on a culture such as Egypt or a time period such as the war. There are often school trips to places like this, but you could have a look what’s local to to you and go yourself too. Ideal if you’re after an educational yet inexpensive day out with the kids.

Farms, Zoos and Aquariums
Again, teaching kids about animals is one thing but allowing them to see them in person teaches much more. It gives children a love and appreciation of animals, lets them see what they look like, feel like and so much more. Lots of farms offer things like feeding baby animals, birds shows and more. Zoos will allow them to see more exotic animals, and aquariums are perfect for viewing life under the ocean. These kinds of days out are something everyone will enjoy and you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re giving your kids an educational yet fun experience. You can often find tickets for these kinds of things discounted or buy one get one free in places like newspapers if you keep an eye out.
While maths, english, science and other formal academic activities are absolutely invaluable and necessary for a child’s education, there’s plenty for them to learn outside of the classroom too. Taking them on days out and trips isn’t just fun, it can teach them skills and lessons for the future.


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