Monday 2 October 2017

The Wedding Days Q&A #5

Welcome to my blog series 'The Wedding Days' where other couples (some bloggers, some non bloggers) share details about their big day by answering some questions. I LOVE weddings and seeing a few photos too! I'm really missing the planning of our big day which you can read about here where I've answered these questions about our own wedding *here*. So if you're anything like me, you're going to love this series too. If you want to get involved and share your wedding day with us too then email me on

This week we have Liz telling us about her wedding day this year - a week before mine in a beautiful venue, I am loving all this colour, looks fantastic together!
Tell us a little bit about you and where you met your husband/wife? (include the proposal story if you want to) We met through mutual friends on the world’s most awkward blind double-date. The moment we were alone together though, everything clicked into place and we didn’t stop talking. Four and a half years later and we still haven’t stopped.

Where was the big day and when was it?

Our wedding and reception was held at Bassmead Manor Barns in Cambridgeshire on Saturday 18th March 2017, a year to the day after we were engaged.  The ceremony was in the stunningly restored, 200 year-old “Rickety Barn”.

What did the Bride wear (where did you get your dress, what were your accessories, colour theme, flowers, shoes?) A dress by Mark Lesley from Stunning Bridal in Northampton, shoes personally customised by Shoenique in bright colours with the bouquet flowers painted on them, as well as our cat’s paw prints. Earrings were tanzanite,  a small tribute to an incredible experience I had volunteering in Tanzania five years ago,  and the colourful spring flowers were by Dana Young Flowers.
What did the Groom wear? (did you hire suits? Were they the same as best man?) The groom, his two brothers and the father of the bride wore beautiful dark blue suits purchased from Abington’s in Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire – the quality and service was exceptional. Waistcoats and accessories were hired, and I particularly loved the grey tweed waistcoats, which gave a softer, less formal edge to the suits.
The wedding party? (did you have bridesmaids/flower girls/page boys and what did they wear?)
My three bridesmaids wore Coast dresses called “Juliette”, in three different colours. All of the wedding party wore different colours and it really enhanced the bright and colourful feel of the day.
Did you have evening entertainment? (include little extras like sweet tables ect) We had Strobe Disco Roadshow as a DJ, with some stunning venue lighting. Evening food was wood-fired pizza, a popcorn cart (popcorn is my absolute favourite!) a selection of cocktails and a drum of beer bottles. We also had a photobooth, and of course cake!
What’s the best bit of advice you could offer a future bride? Try not to obsess over your weight and/or appearance too much beforehand. Life is too short, you are beautiful how you are and there is absolutely no point in making yourself miserable in the run-up to your wedding.
Now the wedding day is over, is there anything that you regret spending money on? Not at all! The only thing I wish is that we had spent a little more on the photobooth, as the quality could have been a little better – you couldn’t see the pictures you were taking on the screen at all, although it did make for some entertaining pictures
Did you stick to your budget? Not in the slightest! We had a rough “idea” of how much we thought we would spend when we first were engaged, but more than trebled that figure. We were comfortable with what we spent though.
Finally, other than marrying the person you love - what was your favourite thing about your wedding day? It is so hard to chose just one thing, but the colours really made it special for me – the flowers in their lorry centrepieces (my husband is passionate about lorries), the hanging lanterns in the reception barn, the beautiful bridesmaids dresses.

Thank you for taking part Liz, your wedding looked beautiful! I love all the colours, the outfits and everything worked so well together. The venue is stunning and sounds like you had your dream wedding day! You are right, life is too short. You were a beautiful bride, congratulations!

You can find Liz on twitter and Instagram on @llcornall


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