Sunday 6 August 2017

What to buy a new baby - new baby gift box

My sister in law has just had her second child, a little girl! Isabelle already adores her and obviously wanted to buy the 'born baby' a present or two, so I decided to put together a little gift box full of bits and bobs that may be useful. I would have loved a little box like this when either of mine were born.

Isabelle was recently sent a box of goodies with an invite to Paw Patrol live which you can read about Here*clicky click* the box got reused and now is my nieces baby box! In the picture below I have used a few butterflies to edit the photo so you can't see her middle names or second name because these are obviously not mine to share with anyone, the butterflies obviously are not on there really... it looks really cute!

The name is a vinyl sticker which is really easy to put on and looks lovely, it would make an ideal place to keep all her baby bits like name tags, first outfit and the usual memory stuff us mums seem to keep. I know she's a second child so I thought maybe her mum wouldn't get around to doing a baby box just like I haven't for Isabelle, it's on my list of things to do this summer actually, sort out a baby box for her as her brother has one but she doesn't! Mum guilt alert. In fairness to me, she didn't sleep and he did so I was more alert to do such things.

So what did we put inside the box?

Firstly we put a few bits that were Isabelle's but never really got used such as a few of her dribble bibs from Funky Giraffe, a pair of gummee mitts that Isabelle used a few times but they were basically new, a bunny rabbit comforter from Jelly Cat that Isabelle never got around to using we took the tags off to wash it for the baby, a dribble bib from Skibz that we forgot we had so other than being washed before I put it in this box, it was new. And a necklace that I must apologise to my husband for never using... He was really sweet and ordered it because I wanted to wear a necklace that Isabelle could use for teething. oops! Hopefully our new niece will love it!

I love That's Not My... books, Isabelle had almost the whole collection when she was smaller, we still have them on the bookshelf in the loft room and she still loves to look at them but now there's new ones I'm not buying them anymore so we're not almost at a full collection. When I saw that's not my unicorn I just had to buy it, it was a bargain too on Amazon! Isabelle was so sweet and tried to get the babies hands to touch the touchy feely sections of the book. CUTE.

 Isabelle likes to pick random little things for people as gifts, it's usually socks so I'm surprised no socks made their way into this box! This weird little caterpillar is apparently really cute to a 3 year old and it had to be included.
 A present box for a newborn baby wouldn't be complete without some cute clothes would it? Can you tell I've got a soft spot for a unicorn at the moment, this sleepsuit which is ideal as she is a little sister is from Next. We got it in 0-3 months so it's something for her to grow into, is costs £8 and I love it! I wish they did pj's in the same design for Isabelle (they probably do, don't tell me... my purse doesn't need to know!).. The jacket is from M&S and was in their sale for just £4! What a bargain, it's so cute with little ears too and a girly colour but not too girly in your face. I think you need to find a happy medium with girls clothes, whilst you want to make it obvious they're girls to stop people saying what a gorgeous boy - had that so much, it's nice not to always have baby pink or bright pink. Isabelle had a pale blue coat when she was 6 months old, it was polka dots so obviously girly and the colour really suited her.
Oliver was a summer baby, this gift is because one thing I remember needing was a sun hat for him but because I had just had him I really didn't fancy going off shopping - first time for everything I guess. So I thought these from Next would be useful if we do happen to get any sunshine - if I jinxed it by buying these then from the bottom of my sad little heart I am sorry. lets hope for glorious sunshine... or just some sun ideally before September!
Golden Bear Toys recently sent us a few bits for Isabelle to review from the In The Night Garden range, which we'll be posting about soon. They also very kindly sent us this for her to give to her new niece which she was very excited about. "Aww it's so cute for the baby". Makka Pakka Baby soft toy is suitable from birth making it an ideal new baby gift, what child doesn't watch in the night garden at some point? Oliver was obsessed with it when he was a baby. This gift would be ideal for being part of a babies nursery as well as a newborn toy, super soft material and cuddly with embroidered features. Makka Pakka is perfect ofr little ones to cuddle, crinkle in hands and feet as well as a rattle when you shake his body.
Being a mum of two is harder than being a mum of one, it goes without saying that when you have your second child you can't relax as much as you did after your first - you've got another human to entertain aswell and if they're young then they won't 100% understand why you can't just put that baby down, give them your full attention again like you used to. That's why I wanted to put something in for our nephew too, something that could entertain him with mum or dad for a while.

I really enjoyed putting bits and bobs together for this baby gift, I love how Isabelle and Oliver got involved and helped too. My kids love a money box, if they find a coin it goes straight in their money box. We also really like Little Rhymes products so this money box which you can buy in John Lewis for £15 was perfect. Isabelle has got the matching plate/bowl/cup from Grandparents for her baptism.

I hope that this box shows you that you don't have to spend a fortune on a baby gift to get lots of different items. By adding the babies name to the box as well gives it something personal and that can be kept, the simple act of adding a bit of ribbon to any present makes it look much nicer too.

What was the best little gift you got when you had your baby?

*please note that we were sent 1 item from this post (makka pakka from golden bear toys) we were not asked to review it or include it in any post. This post is my own words and views*


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