Saturday 5 August 2017

Paw Patrol Live Uk Show

Yesterday went to SSE Wembley Arena to see Paw Patrol Live, we took my nephew with us too as he's down at the moment and along with my two he is a huge Paw Patrol fan!

Isabelle was delighted when her parcel arrived, it was a box full of Paw Patrol goodies with a VIP invite to the show in London. This meant 1) we were going to see paw patrol and 2) we were going on a train – which is always exciting! I've actually reused the box it was sent in for something else - blog post coming soon so make sure you keep your eyes peeled. I love to reuse things!

When we arrived at the arena we were treated to a VIP Paw Patrol themed lunch as well as balloon modelling, colouring in and face painting. The children loved the slush drinks and the paw patrol cups that they came in! Oliver worried he was too old and started acting a little like a brat (I can say that because he is mine...) it was all because I think he was embarrassed, I took him to one side and told him to look around and see that there were older kids there too having fun and it was totally ok to still like paw patrol – I like it and I’m 28 years old. He was ok after that. He is almost 8 now but he still likes Paw Patrol as his sister must be able to pick some of the things they watch on tv so it can’t always be lego, ninjago or batman. He decided to have his face painted with chase on it and loved it! He loves a live show and really enjoyed it after his initial worry he got involved and had lots of fun.
The kids were all given a goody bag, they really were spoilt! Inside was a mask, wrist band, paw patrol drink and fuzzy felt from John Adams. My kids have never had fuzzy felt before and Isabelle is very taken with it now. The days of taking the stroller with us to events like this are over now but I always notice if theres space for pushchairs and there was. The queue looked quite long though which really at an event for young children like this can be expected but it would be a good idea to allow extra time for you to do this and get to your seats before it starts, if you're anything like me then you'll be worrying you'll miss the start and have kids questioning what happened unable to provide answers. We had really good seats which were very close to the front so we all had an excellent view of the stage.

No one can resist to sing along to the theme tune for this show! Every child got excited when the pups arrived. The costumes were very impressive even the eyes opening and closing, they all looked just like they do on the TV show including the little details which was fab. A few other shows we have seen Isabelle has commented that they look different today – eek but not this show, they’ve really got it perfect. This show was the best live show we have seen as a family and we’ve seen a lot of the popular ones over the years. All the sets which are based on spots around Adventure Bay are fantastic, the children loved it when the pups came out on their vehicles, which again were impressive. Down to the little details like snow when actual 'snow' was scooped away by Rubble.

The story was just like an episode of the programme which is nice because the children like the programme so it makes sense to go along those lines and include the same songs, sometimes shows change too much but this one is perfect for Paw Patrol fans. From the beginning of the story to the end all three children were hooked. Major Goodway and Chickaleta can’t run the Great Adventure Bay race because Mayor Goodway has a sprained ankle so guess who comes to the rescue? The pups and Ryder of course. They race against Mayor Humdinger to get the clues hidden around adventure bay to make it to the finish line before the sun sets but with Mayor Humdinger's cheeky ways will they be able to win the race? The children all have a pom pom to get involved with the cheerleading. When the pups win the race they sing their victory song. I was impressed to see children dancing at the front, they loved it so much they just got up to have a little dance.

There's a 15 minute interval in the middle of the show, which is a good time to go for a quick toilet break unless you're my child who decides they need it after the break... my fault, shouldn't have taken no for an answer! There's a great selection of items on sale after the show too including blankets and t'shirts.

Our children were so lucky and got to get up on the stage with Chase, Skye and Ryder which they loved. Isabelle had a cry that she didn't get to stroke skye which was her dream in life apparently. She's asked if we can go again - bless her. I would though because they loved it and it was a lovely afternoon.

If you would like to see Paw Patrol Live then you're not too late - it's amazing and I definitely recommend it!
Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham on 9
th August

Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham on 12th and 13th August

Echo Arena in Liverpool on August 16th and 17th

Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle on 19th August

First Direct Arena in Leeds on 23rd August

Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff on 26th and 27th August

*We were gifted tickets to attend the show, all opinions are honest and my own. We loved it.*

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