Sunday 16 July 2017

What to take to the beach with children

Looking out the window at the beautiful sun cloud, it's got me day dreaming about being on a warm beach with the children. We've never taken them abroad before and I'm really looking forward to next year when we hopefully take them to Menorca. Last year we had a little day on the beach in the UK on a really sunny day, it was just lovely to be able to make sand castles and walk in the sea with them both.

Whilst we were sitting on the beach in Menorca I couldn't help but think about what we would need to have with us if we were there with children. I'd definitely want to spend a lot of time on the beautiful beaches with the children so I know we need to be fully prepared to do so because it's always best to have more than you need with children or you'll find yourself walking to the nearest shop - no one wants that on holiday.

I'd seriously recommend getting a huge beach towel - even for the kids, they'll have plenty of space to lay on it and if you fly with Jet2 like we did - it'll easily fit in your 22kg allowance. Our beach towels were purchased recently in John Lewis and were £12 each, they're huge and we both had plenty of space on them. They've washed really nicely actually and are very soft so I'm pleased with them - lets see how long they last! Oliver's primark one is still going strong 7 years on and although it was never as soft as these, it was half the price... back in the day!
We saw so many people - not just children I might add, playing with a ball on the beach and standing in the sea, you don't need to go really far out in the sea to have a simple fun game of catch, I'm planning to pack a few balls when we take the children; a blow up one and a solid one. I think it's always best to have two when the first one goes missing or if your children are going to start fighting over the only ball.

In the summer the beaches in Menorca are hot - really hot, the sand on one day was just too hot to stand on. This made me think 100% we would need those washable sandals for the children from clarks so they can just walk from beach towel to sea without burning their feet. The shoes are waterproof and always my go to summer sandal for Isabelle anyway. Practical and comfortable.... what more does a toddler need? Bright colours - sorted.

I would also suggest staying self catering with children - it's just easier isn't it? Especially if they're fussy eaters or have allergies like Isabelle. If you stay in a self catering villa then you've got the additional bonus of being able to sit outside in the evening once the kids are asleep and still be close them, if you're in a hotel you really can't leave them and go down possibly lots of stairs and away from them. Plus if you're staying self catering then the benefit you'll have for beach days is ICE PACKS to keep foods and drinks nice and cool on the beach, we really struggled with it but ended up just drinking warm water - yucky.

Snacks and lots of them - remember nothing that will melt.

Big bottles of water are so cheap!

Pack a cool bag to keep all the food/drinks in, even if you decide not to do that then get a mini one from sainsburys, we picked one up for less than £2 in their sale section last week and it'll be perfect for bottles of water on the beach.

If we went back to Menorca even without the children then we would definitely get a sun shade of some sort, we noticed almost everyone with children had one and it's a fantastic idea to keep the kids out of full sun. We often left when we got too hot so it would have meant we spent more time on the beach. You can buy those over there for about 10 euros so won't worry about taking one with you, look around though because a few shops were a lot more... I noticed one in Mahon cheaper - not next to the beach is it so it makes sense! If not then you could get a tent - if you had really little children I think this would definitely be the way to go anyway.

Remember lots of sun lotion ofcourse! I got sun burnt sat on the last day out of holiday and I spent most of the time in the shade so the sun really is strong. My favourite last year was childs farm for the kids but this year I'm loving boots own Soltan sun lotion for all the family. Oliver isn't reacting to the baby version so its great for sensitive skin too, unfortunately child's farm doesn't rub in very well and he ends up looking like casper the friendly ghost.

Hair band for girls so their hair can be out of the face, we all know how annoying it can be. Hats too to keep their face shaded from the sun, don't take their favourite one in case it gets all messy.

Last but not least don't forget to take a bucket and spade with you too.

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