Friday 14 July 2017

Red Velvet Clothing - review

As our honeymoon approached I was looking everywhere for some lovely beach clothes, something if I'm honest I had never owned before. I knew I wanted a cover up that I could wear over swimwear too because I'm not the most confident person and walking from beach to car I didn't want to feel really exposed.

It's really easy to drift towards the usual easy to order online shops especially when you're a busy mum of two but then it's likely you'll end up wearing the same as lots of other people, I wanted something that was a bit more special than that and I certainly found it when Red Velvet got in touch to see if I'd like to review something form their website.
Local to us in St Albans Hertfordshire is where Red Velvet is based, they're a clothing brand who's aim is to provide affordable on trend clothing that is unique to what's on offer elsewhere, their items are genuinely gorgeous and most of them have hand embellishment to make everything more eye catching. What I've found is their items don't limit you to one occasion, they go from day to night perfectly even the item I decided upon... one minute I'm on the beach wearing it then I'm sat having meal in the evening wearing it - not because I was cold and needed the cover up but just because I loved it. As well as online they have pop up shops so you can view the clothing in person too. Red Velvet provide free returns for the UK and Ireland so you can shop worry free.

The jade cover up in navy is my favourite item on their website and in my wardrobe at the moment, when it arrived I was so impressed with it and had to pop it on straight away.
It is beautifully made, the design is fantastic and clearly quality material has been used to create this cover up.

Beautiful delicate lace kimono with a large daisy pattern repeated, the tie front fastening is a beautiful addition to this and I think it makes it even more versatile, the heavily beaded tassels which are a good weight - not too heavy but heavy enough to make it feel really expensive adds a bit of glamour to this cover up whether you're on the beach or off for an evening meal. 
One size fits all, I'm a size 14 and it fit me beautifully, very comfortable and I just love it. Can we go on holiday again now please? I felt so confident wearing this cover up, I couldn't ever imagine walking around like this before but now so what? I've got curves, I'm happy and this is a beautiful item of clothing it has to be shown off.

I've actually worn it in this country too - on the school run, I promise I didn't just have a swimsuit on under it... there was a dress! I love how this item can be used again and again.
Handwash only is always something I hate seeing... but you have to expect to hand wash something so beautiful because you wouldn't want it damaged or make any of the beads go to sock heaven - you know that place where all my other socks are.... its not having my beads too. 

Price tag? £50, you get what you pay for, it's a really good quality item which you can use again and again. I know I'll get many years wear out of this item on the beach. I can't see it going out of style and it suits most ages, most styles so it's really worth it.

You can find Red Velvet here -

twitter - @red_velvetuk

*please note that I was sent an item of my choice free of charge in exchange for my honest opinions.

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