Saturday 15 July 2017

Menorca without children

When we told people we were off to Menorca for our honeymoon most of them replied with oh yeah Majorca is lovely... Yes I'm sure it is but it's not where we went, it saddens me that Menorca is the one not many people seem to think of because it is absolutely beautiful there and I can't wait to return with the children. (someone take me now, I want sea, sand and cocktails please even if those cocktails were a whopping 8 Euro each!)

Before I think about what to do in Menorca with children, we're currently looking for places to stay with them and we think a villa would be a better option with them... I'm going to share what I think you should do in Menorca as a couple if you're lucky enough to get the chance to go without children like we did although these would be great with kids too.

      1. Stay at Barceló Hamilton but make sure they give you a double bed instead of a twin - especially if it's your honeymoon.... They very kindly left a drink and some strawberries covered in chocolate in our room but when we got there they were warm and we just left them as they were yucky by that point. Cute idea - would have been better the following day.
      2. Watch the sunrise, we got up at 6am local time to watch the sunrise and it was lovely. Something we wouldn't have done with the children due to the time, them being grumpy and tired (us being tired). There were hardly any people around and it was beautiful.
      3. Go to binibeca beach which is lovely, there is a bar on the beach at the corner and they sell a very tasty frozen lemonade drink...
      4. go on a yellow boat around the habour of Mahon, on a clear day you can see lots of fish if you go downstairs to the glass bottom section.
      5. have lunch on a floating restaurant in Mahon.
      6. have dinner at Nikkis in Cales Fonts - we ate here for 5 nights out of the 7 we were there. It's a lovely little restaurant, very friendly staff with gorgeous food. We highly recommend you try their homemade beef burger - amazing! So big too, I had to give lots of it to Michael as I couldn't manage it all. They also have amazing steak!
      7. Get an ice cream - cookies was so tasty!
      8. Have a cocktail on the roof of barcelo Hamilton watching the stars, the view is amazing and the stars are so clear there.
      9. Go to Beach Cala Mesquida really early in the morning - we got there when it was so quiet and it was lovely. Beware though - one section is for those that feel clothes are erm... optional?
      10. Try Paella - we don't like fish but we found a little restaurant who actually did a meat paella, it was called Restaurant An Luisa which is below Barceló Hamilton - it took us almost all week to realise it wasn't connected to our hotel... oops! It was lovely, really filling but we both said it needed more chicken in it.
      11. Have a walk around Es Castell and Mahon, a walk around in the evening and you'll notice little lizards on walls too.

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