Wednesday 7 June 2017

Young people - get out there and vote on Thursday 8th June!

I can't force you to vote but if you're registered then please take that chance to vote. Young people especially, it's our future - our children's future that we are voting for and this is our country, we can't leave all the decisions up to the previous generations. We're grown up now - let's make some decisions and have our vote, it only takes a few minutes! I have never waited more than 5 minutes to vote. They're open almost all day - so what's your excuse?

I'm writing this because as a mother I'm genuinely worried about my children's future, I fear that one day a member of my family could be sick and we're left unable to afford healthcare because our amazing NHS is private - we're not a well off family, we're a young family, a husband that works 6 days per week to provide for our family, a mum (that's me) that's staying at home because childcare works out too expensive not to and two very cheeky children who have no idea how lucky they are to live in the United Kingdom. I love our country, I want to be proud of it... I want my children to be proud of it, so please can we just sort it out? This is real life, it's not a joke. We're not just playing a little computer game here.

There's some women who don't vote just because they can't be bothered - women won us the right to vote... we haven't always had that right so why on earth are you not all using it?! Men too, you've got to do your part and vote.

I can't seem to warm to Theresa May and you do realise that this whole chat on changing human rights law is just shameful play on recent events in our country don't you? She knows what to say just before an election to get you to vote for her. She is saying what she knows the public want to hear. She's playing a game. Arent they all? I would feel more confident in her if she turned up to debate others on TV programmes - to reach out to normal people like me. Yes she travelled around meeting people but seriously, you're the Prime Minister, is it too much to expect you to do both? No. it isn't. She isn't going to change human rights laws... damn, there's probably even a law saying you can't amend that law. Yes I just said damn - I didn't say I was an expert when it comes to politics. I'm just a lady. A 28 year old lady who is begging younger people to vote for us!

I watch my husband get home from work really late most days, he's self employed and works so hard. I fear that the rent is going to keep going up and up and one day we'll end up living with family because we can't afford it. One day my husband might not be able to cope with working so much, he might crack. He might break down because life gets so hard - I don't think he will but what if he did what would happen? We want to buy a house!! We don't want to be paying £1200 per month on privately renting one. If the rent keeps going up - we'll never be able to buy and it's a vicious cycle. But if we can't buy.... what chance do our children have? their children even??

So on Thursday 8th June please please find the time to vote. Vote for the best for our country as a whole, #forthemanynotthefew

I'm not sure Jeremy Corbyn is the right person for the job BUT I do think Labour is our best option - I dread to think of another 5 years conservatives though I'm 99% sure they will get in. Imagine if everyone went off to read this - and voted labour.

I don't want my children to grow up in a world that thinks it's acceptable to look down on those whom are less fortunate, what is going to happen to people who cant afford private healthcare? Did you know that it was Labour who created the NHS in 1948 and now there's a chance the conservatives want to make it private? Why don't we give the creators a chance at saving it instead!

I know, I'm a blogger - why listen to me? Because I'm a mum, having a rant... worrying about the future. The amount of people who came out after voting to leave the EU saying they didn't vote or they shouldn't have voted to leave.... well you should have learnt your lesson! So lets hope that you use your vote wisely, don't just go in that booth an tick whatever box, tick a box whos manifesto matches what YOU want for US.

I love the say For the many, not the few.

So young people if you've registered then PLEASE take 2 minutes to vote. Thanks,

That's the end of my rant now... as you were.

a nagging mum!


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