Wednesday 7 June 2017

Lego wedding cake on a budget

I can't tell you how much time went into looking at wedding cakes, beautiful designs, simple designs, expensive ones or cheap ones. I just couldn't figure out what it was that I really wanted.

For some reason I had my heart set on a really detailed cake, icing flowers, 3 or 4 tiers and absolutely stunning, to match our colours created just for us... The price tag? Errm didn't think of that to start with but obviously for something so creative that takes so long to make ofcourse its going to cost you a fair amount of money - the cake maker deserves to charge that price tag because they're so talented.... what if you don't want to spend the money on that?

Well then Marks and Spencers to the rescue with their amazing selection of cakes. From stack your own to ones that are plain and need to be decorated to the ones they have beautifully decorated... some are just beautiful - you'd never guess they were from M&S.

Oh and remember colin the caterpillar? Well you can get Colin the groom and Connie the Bride - oh my word, so so cute. £50 each though so if you're on a budget wedding - they're probably just a little over the top. Who needs more than 1 cake?

What did we go for?

We decided to go for a simple cake, square to be a little different with a ribbon around the bottom of each tier - 3 tiers. All sponge cake which was absolutely delicious.

On top of the wedding cake I wanted something simple... Michael wanted Lego - so lego it was! Well, lets face it I had to allow him to make a few decisions regarding the day as it was his wedding too... I had to share it.

He decided he wanted the groom to be Darth Vader... Wish granted (with a little help from Oliver - who I told wasn't allowed to play with his own lego star wars mini fig because I needed it for the wedding...) Sorry Oliver but you'll get over it... in time.... I mean 10 weeks later and I've still got it on my windowsill but I promise, you'll have it back one day...
I managed to find a Lego wedding favour set which was perfect as a cake topper. it was only about £6..... he replaced the groom with Darth Vader and it looked so cute holding the ring. Part of me wanted to go further and get c3po, r2d2, yoda ect mini figures from Oliver's huge collection and put them randomly with storm troopers as wedding guests around the cake somewhere but I knew that was a little over the top for our simple wedding cake. 

When we collected the cake, they were very safely packaged in their own boxes. I made sure I had the dowel rods cut perfectly to size for Michael so all that was needed to be done on the day was stack them ontop of each other. They were simple to stack too but I bet you Michael took ages to do it - you would wouldn't you? imagine if you dropped it... "darling, what happened to the other tier of the cake" ... I ate it for breakfast??

It's the little personal touches that make a wedding yours. I loved this! Notice how the brides flowers are actually lilac just like our colour scheme... meant to be!

Total cost of our wedding cake £185 including the lego topper.

When we ordered our wedding cake from M&S it was cheaper than this... it's now gone up from £179 to £199 

I'm so glad we got married when we did - firstly because it was lovely and we love each other and secondly because the prices of things - everything wedding related, keeps going up and up... we probably wouldn't have been able to afford todays prices. We booked things 2 years ago which made a huge difference to the total cost of our wedding.


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