Thursday 8 December 2016

Gentleman's Gift Guide

At Christmas time it's always the men that I struggle the most to buy gifts for. In my opinion women are so much easier to buy something for, perfume, clothes, handbags, flowers or just something pretty it's so easy to walk into a shop and just get it right (this may be because I am a woman I can relate to what I think I would love) but when it comes to shopping for men I think a lot of people take longer to buy presents so I've put together a Gentlemen's Gift Guide with a range of products I've found on the Chums website which would make great gifts this Christmas for an older man in your life. (Father in laws to be are the hardest to buy for by the way especially when you've already got them Ivor the engine mug or noggin the nog t'shirt in previous years!)

Remember to look for things that your recipient likes such as gardening, maybe some new garden tools would be a good idea or a tool bag, you can also get some novelty gifts such as a mug that says head gardener. Look back at conversations you've had with them over the time you've known them, Michaels dad loved the Ivor the engine mug we got him a few Christmas' ago because he loved Ivor when he was little. It doesn't have to be a huge generous gift, the thought is what counts when it comes to a present so always remember that! A new watch is a great idea for a Christmas present especially if they don't have one. Favourite alcohol and a special glass could be a great option too as well as some nice aftershave - Christmas is a great time to gift someone something new to try but if they're a little set in their ways with what they like then stick to their favourite! All of the photos below are items I've found on the Chums website! Who knew they had such a lot to offer?
Dvd classics are a great choice and will be loved over the christmas/new year period when we're being lazy eating all the Christmas leftovers. I found lots of options on Chums website and here are the two that I liked best. Who doesn't love Fawlty Towers? Also sweets such as a classic retro collection are a lovely gift for those with a sweet tooth or for chocolate lovers check out this huge collection!
Dressing gowns are a great present - Michaels just been converted, he's always said no to dressing gowns but now is loving being warm in the morning so I would 100% suggest others to try convert their dads/partners too. Slippers are always a great option for an older man - my Dad loved slippers, Christmas was always when he would get a new pair and these ones look so comfortable. A nice knitted jumper to wear on Christmas day would be lovely too or a chunky knitted cardigan. Scarf and gloves will be loved at this time of year too!
I've gone for great priced items on this gift guide but some other options if you're looking to really splash out on a gift for an older man this Christmas include things like experience days, sporting events such as football match or cricket.

Mary-Kate, x

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