Friday 18 November 2016

Asda Little Angels Nappies

When Isabelle turned 2 the potty training seemed to be going well, then she got sick - in the potty! And bam, back to the start we went ... well if you can call her literally HATING the potty the start, screaming any time I suggested it. So I put it away and backed off for a while. Then there was the whole house move and we wanted to give her some time to settle, then she went into a single bed from her cot so now I know it's time to finally start the potty training properly again but I wanted to share the nappies we have recently discovered... They're now Isabelle's favourite ones and she always asks for the purple ones... you may notice a theme here and that theme is indeed 'grumpy toddler' but if you so dare as to bring a nappy or a pull up near to that little innocent looking sweet girl that is not this purple nappy then oh boy she will be totally losing her cool with you... don't try it, don't risk it. The tantrum is oh so not worth it. Just keep using the purple nappies....

I sent out a tweet a while back about tesco nappies literally bursting and the filling coming out to which a lovely PR company for another brand sent me some nappies to test out and honestly they're the best nappies I've ever used with either child. Can you guess where they are from? ASDA! yep, I guess the title of this post gave that away huh... asda. I was so so surprised. They're better than pampers, huggies, Tesco, aldi, sainsburys or boots. Isabelle has very sensitive skin and these have never been a problem for her! They're skin friendly and pocket friendly as they're great value so they're really ideal.

I havent been asked to do this post, I haven't been paid in loads of nappies - I just wanted to incase anyone else is struggling with nappies leaking, not fitting nicely, causing a rash or reacting, just being uncomfortable or like our last ones were - bursting! These nappies from asda are really soft, great fit, nice colour and design - they don't look or feel cheap at all infact they are the softest nappies I've ever felt. What's even better is that you can often get 3 packs for £10 which I think is fab. As parents we need to save money where we can, bloggers should share when they find an amazing product for an unbeatable price, don't get stuck into buying only the branded ones as they arent cheap and yes whilst they're good, I've found some that are just as good at a fraction of the cost! Infact Isabelle prefers them so to us - they're genuinely the better product!

Try them!

Mary-Kate x

*Please note that we were sent some free nappies to try but were not asked to review them, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh! I fully understand the parents. because I am ready to do anything for the sake of my children. Even to move to another house. We had to change the district. The move has helped us . We needed to to move cots, walkers and toys. Everything turned out very good.


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