Sunday 28 August 2016

Struggling to decide on a gift for a child you know? This will help.

What present do you buy for a 2 year old? What present do you buy for a 6 year old?

Well now there's a website that can help you decide what to buy for any age child and it's called Wicked Uncle.

At first when I got the email about working with Wicked Uncle, an online toy store I thought I'd hand over the voucher to my brother and his wife - they haven't had children yet and it can be difficult to know what to buy for children if you haven't yet had any - even if you've got children it can still be difficult to decide what to buy for them if you haven't yet reached that age or if you've got the opposite gender - I struggled with girl gifts before having Isabelle and to be honest I still struggle with what to buy older girls because if you've not got a girl or boy of that age then how could you possibly know what's wicked and what's just not! That's why I though Wicked uncle was a fab idea.

Anyway then I had a much better idea - give it to Daddy! So he could take the wicked uncle challenge because basically, he has no idea what to buy the children; Christmas, birthdays or just a special well done for doing great at school treat are all chosen by me. So I was really interested to see how he would do and if he would pick the same things that I would have chosen for the children or if he would pick something cooler. Having already had a look at the website I knew what I was going to pick... would he pick the same?
I was excited when the parcel arrived - never mind the children!! But you'll be impressed to know I was very adult about the whole thing and managed to wait all day for Michael to get home to give to the children himself (LET ME SEE WHAT WAS INSIDE THE BOX!). They were thrilled and I have actually much more trust in his present buying skills for the children now... turns out he does know what they would like! *well done, I'm very proud of you!* Although he didn't get the exact things that I would have chosen, he did do pretty well which considering he's a useless gift buyer for children (hes got me some amazing presents - thanks muchly) so it goes to show that Wicked Uncle really does help the clueless shopper!

For Oliver:

An owl whistle - Oliver, as you've probably realised by now on my blog is a bird watcher! so this present was a fab choice. Altho I hate to say it - may get a little annoying if he keeps using it over and over.... "why don't you go try it outside?... where the birds can hear you better?!" ... worth a try huh? It's nicely made and haven't actually seen anything like it before so it was a unique little gift that there'll be no chance of a duplicate at some point by accident - often happens with lego as we all forget the codes...

A microscope from the natural history museum = cool! Any little boy or girl around Oliver's age would think this was great... ok ok I think this is great! More over Oliver, I'd like to see if it works thanks.... mature mum.

For Isabelle:

A kite - she's never had one and this is a fantastic idea! it's not just a gift for her really is it? Its for the whole family to enjoy so it really was a great choice, it's well made which sorry to say really surprised me for the price tag.

Mellisa and doug stamp set - I LOVE this brand, I love crafty bits and Isabelle does too. Great choice. They are an ideal size for Isabelle's little hands and she is delighted with all the different stamps included. The ink washes off clothes and hands easily which is always a positive when you've got an active lets stamp EVERYTHING in site toddler.

We're really impressed with what Daddy decided to buy! You did well and managed to get both children two things each for that price so I was very impressed indeed. I love a bargain as you know.

What Michael had to say about the website itself?... It was very easy to use, easy to find items suitable for the age you wanted and the checkout was quick which is ideal when you don't like shopping isn't it... Would definitely help people who don't have experience of buying gifts for children or people who are feeling a little lazy and would like the website to do all the hard work for you. There's nothing better than giving a present and seeing your children's face light up because they love their gift.

We would definitely recommend using Wiked Uncle! Go have a look now..

Mary-Kate x

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