Tuesday 30 August 2016

Crayola On Tour

There's still time to join in the fun on board the Crayola on tour bus which is touring the UK over 10 days celebrating 100 years of Crayola - everyone's favourite crayon company! Do people really realise that Crayola do so much more than just crayons or pencils though? To be honest, I didn't really!
We had such a lovely time when we were invited aboard the Crayola bus at Brent Cross, there was so much to do and we ended up spending 2 hours on board with both children desperate to stay longer! Firstly we did some colouring downstairs - not just any colouring in mind you, this was the magic type of colouring in using special magic wonder pens and special Crayola paper. Ideal if you've got a cheeky little monkey who often draws on walls or if you want some pens to use at Grandmas house without a certain little person getting pen everywhere... they will literally only draw on Crayola special paper! We thought this was a fantastic idea and will definitely be buying some for ourselves.
Then we headed upstairs to have a look at the magic modelling - it is really clever as it will just dry over night without having to do anything to it, perfect for keeping those special creations, it isn't at all sticky and it's got a nice feel to it. It's available in lots of lovely colours too and different pack sizes. You know what I love more? It doesn't stick to my carpet! corr turning into my own mum.

Then we saw this really cool turtle.... creating pretty patterns.

We got to make some window clings - both children want one of these clever little kits now! Oliver made a lightening bolt and Isabelle made a heart.

There were some games which we didn't realise Crayola did - we didn't have a chance to play them which we were a little sad about (I know... 2 hours!! My children like crafts) but we didn't need to be sad as we were gifted a game to take home and review so make sure you check back for that soon.

Back downstairs there were more colouring in bits, some adult colouring in - I had no idea Crayola did anything for adults and we love adult colouring in!!! Need some new pens so will definitely be treating myself to some Crayola ones.

We had such a lovely time on board the Crayola on tour bus! Pip & Tip are lovely too.

If you'd like to see where the Crayola bus is going next then have a look HERE

and remember to tweet your photos using #CrayolaOnTour - you never know you may win a prize!

From the Crayola website - This Summer Crayola are having a Birthday Party and you're invited! To celebrate 100 Years of Colour the Crayola Tour bus will be travelling across the UK to bring colouring to life. A feast of interactive and fun play zones on board the bus will inspire your creativity with fantastic activities and games for kids of all ages! Take home your creations from the day along with Crayola goodies to enjoy at home and make sure you upload your pictures from the day onto the Crayola Bus Tour Facebook Event Page for your chance to win a limited edition Crayola 100th Anniversary bundle. Join in the conversation on Twitter using #CrayolaOnTour and keep track of the bus as it travels to a store near you!.

*please note I was not asked to write this post - we all really loved Crayola On Tour and wanted to share it with you!*

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