Sunday 3 April 2016

Is it ever ok to tell a strangers child off ?

Today, on a family day out to Willows Farm in St Albans - lovely by the way and that will get it's completely own post with a review of their new Peter Rabbit play area but here I'm going to tell you about the one bad thing that happened today.

Oliver got told off - by a complete stranger, to the point that he was in uncontrollable tears!

So, let's get things straight; I know that my child isn't perfect, I know he can be a grumpy little boy sometimes (I was going to go with a different word there but thought better of it!) I know he doesn't always listen and that he can be naughty but I also know that he is a very sensitive little boy who is often shy and gets fed up of having things just taken off of him. Who are you, complete stranger to tell my child off when actually he didn't do anything wrong?!

Another thing - a reason I'm currently kicking myself is that I NEVER ever leave Oliver unattended in a play area but today he run off, I was with Isabelle who obviously at 2 years old I cannot leave and she was so happily playing! I turned round and Oliver had run back to the climbing frame area. I thought he would be fine for a few minutes. I spotted Michael and told him to stay with Isabelle and I went to look for Oliver. At first I couldn't see him, then I saw him - running and in floods of tears. I noticed a man behind him and wondered if he had fallen over and the man was about to explain something!? But no.. the man strolled off 'guilty' looking I may add. I asked Oliver what was wrong!? He said that a 'mum' had told him off and scared him. The dad was going to get him he added! WHATTTTTT THE HELL?! I had my eyes off him for less than 5 minutes - what trouble could he have caused to have been told off... shall I tell you what he did?

So he was playing with a part of the climbing frame that opens and closes a window. A girl came along with her mum. She grabbed it off Oliver... he grabbed it back and then HE got told off by this girls mother. I don't know exactly what she said to him but he has told me that she a bad word at the end and he run off. In floods of tears. Then he says the dad was chasing him and he was scared.

I asked Oliver to point the mum out to me and he did, I asked her *FURIOUS by this point I might add* if she had told my child off - to which she replied Yes. I did. I felt like losing the plot with her completely but she had a fair few people with her who all looked, well erm so rough. I told her to never ever tell my child off again and questioned who she thought she was telling my child off! I may have said How dare you! To be honest, I felt like smacking her in the face. I don't agree with violence but how dare she take it upon herself to tell my child off - even if he had of done something wrong - find me! The one who created that child and has to authority to tell him off because trust me, if he needs telling off or if he needs something explaining to him then I will do that as will Michael, grandma or granddad who were all with us today. No one should frighten a child. Try explaining to your brat to wait her turn next time. Why should he finish what he is doing just because your child wants to play with it straight away? Learn some patience! And you, learn some respect. How would you feel as a mother if you were in my shoes earlier today.

I have a photo with their faces on... which I was so tempted to post on social media shaming them for making a child be scared and cry but then I thought better of it. Because they are clearly really horrible selfish nasty people who don't deserve the attention of having their faces on my social media pages.

I would never tell someone else's child off. It's not my job to do that! I would feel terrible if I upset a child.

It's clear to say I won't be letting him out of my sight again any time soon. I dread to think what the dad was going to say to him once he caught up with him. It's scary to think about.

Has a stranger ever told your child off?

Mary-Kate, x


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