Sunday 27 March 2016

Singing Mr Tumble in the shower, weeing with company and pretending to like spiders

Today in the shower, I realised that the window was slightly open and the neighbour was outside in her garden... There was me, singing my heart out - not any cool number one song either, nope not I.. I was busy singing Mr Tumble's Hello Hello song! I wasn't just singing it, I was really really singing it, so loud. Oh the shame. What she doesn't know is actually I had a little girl looking up at me from outside the shower - you know, now you've got a toddler you're unable to wee by yourself let alone have a shower! A shower by yourself? Better get up at 6am then mummy before I'm awake and needing continuous attention. so she's staring up at me whilst I sing "hello hellooo, how are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuUUU?" her face in absolute amazement because she has no idea how uncool I actually am, (I've never been 'cool', I'll never be 'cool' and that's fine, I'm ok with that! cool is overrated, right?) to her I am the bees knees and I love that feeling!

The neighbour probably thought that I'm a nutcase - she probably doesn't even know who the fantastic Mr Tumble is! (What on earth is she watching on tv?!) But actually I'm busy being a children's entertainer whilst washing my hair - how amazing at multitasking are us mums?! If you told me before children that I would allow anyone in the bathroom whilst I was getting ready I'd of laughed at you, I'm a little ocd and like to get ready by myself [we aren't getting bridal prep photos just incase I lose my temper and it's caught on camera type of ocd].

What's the deal with the child needing the toilet desperately as soon as I sit down to wee? Honestly, there's a toilet downstairs but oh no, he's left it until last minute to go for a wee, even though I'd asked him if he needed the toilet and now he's too desperate to go downstairs so up I jump - it's a good job I can hold my wee isn't it?! There you go, info overload about my bladder control. If not, he's wetting himself not me. Sorry mate but I'm not getting away with that one at 27 years old. Plus, it's your fault. You left your wee until the last possible moment - again! If he's not practically pushing me off the toilet, he's trying to ask me questions whilst I'm trying to have a wee. In my head I'm thinking "get out, get out, get out" let me wee in peace, never mind the book 5 minutes peace - 1 minute will do just find thank you! I keep reading the story 5 minutes peace to the children bt they just haven't twigged on to my hints yet, perhaps I'm reading it wrong. He seems to think of a question as soon as that toilet door closes.. *knock knock on the door* I'm hoping I'm not the only one who has to say "we'll google it darling" whilst weeing.

As parents, we don't want to give our fears to our children. One of mine - there's many not going to lie I am a big wimp! - is spiders! Even if they're small, I don't want them near me. I'm not going to kill it but I don't want it to be near me. I think they know this, why else would one of ended up in my mouth after being in my glass of water! Alive. Yeah. Yucky. I spat the water all over Michael because I could feel it running around my mouth and we hadn't been together for long either (Michael and me, not me and the spider - that was a very short friendship indeed) but there was no way I was swallowing a spider whilst I was awake and aware I was doing so.. na-uh, no way. So anyway, now I have to pretend to like these spiders, encourage Isabelle to stand near them whilst on the inside I'm thinking *stay away from the creepy crawly* (I just looked around to make sure there wasn't one about to climb onto me...)

I'm currently a stay at home mum but the next time someone asks me what I do for a living, I'm seriously considering saying "I'm a full time children's entertainer, cook, cleaner,, baker, artist*, brave nature explorer*, actress who is overworked and really tired with no pay and little thanks but it's the best job in the world actually" - yawns. I feel people think stay at home mums do nothing all day but it's so not true.

*(I filled up the bird feeders today - they needed a really good clean too and went near to creepy crawlies so that totally counts and we painting some stones today - that totally counts as art)

I have so much respect for single parents, I am at home 6 days a week with the children without Michael as he has to work or we don't have enough money but I do have him coming home to me at the end of the day and I know I'm really lucky for that because without him I'm not sure I'd cope so well. When he gets in, if I need those 5 minutes I tell him and I walk away upstairs. For parents who stay at home - it's hard not getting those 5 minutes to yourself when you need them! And for parents who go to work, you know you're missing things and in your dream world you'd be there so that must be hard too. I love being able to stay at home with my little people.

We all know that parenting is really hard so why are other parents often so judgemental?

Mary-Kate, x

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