Tuesday 12 April 2016

Another first for Oliver! He's been waiting for this one.

As soon as you get pregnant there's so many 'firsts' that happen... first scan, first kick, first labour, first baby, first smile, first laugh, first word and first steps - the amazing list goes on and on.

Today we had another first, it's been a while since we had a first and this one was a first that made me shout wow that's so cool and give Oliver a massive cuddle. I don't know why but it made me a little sad, sad because it makes it all a bit more real about the fact he is actually growing up, getting bigger and soon will no longer want to hold my hand or give me cuddles. You've probably guessed what the first was by now... He finally has his first wobbly tooth! Oliver is 6 & a half years old, some of his friends have been losing their teeth for a while and he was getting a little inpatient about it all but today when he sat down to eat his lunch, he noticed his bottom tooth was wobbly. We had to call grandma straight away to let her know the big news! He was so excited that finally a tooth is wobbly.
He was also jumping up and down at the fact that the tooth fairy will soon be making her first visit to our house! He then said to me that the tooth fairy pays about £8 per first tooth and a £1 coin for each tooth after... SAY WHAT! £8... as if. I told him, I don't think so Mr Oliver. It's £2 for the first tooth and 50p thereafter actually! (£8?! Mum where is my other £7.50?!)

I told him that the fairy gives max £2 per first tooth - it has to be in perfect condition so lots of brushing your teeth and 50p per tooth after that... He was very happy with that, he's still at that innocent age where he just thinks £1 is a lot of money. If only hey?

How much does the tooth fairy give in your house? Do you have a little box to keep their first tooth in? I will definitely be adding Oliver's to his baby box.

(I must make sure that I remember to have coins in the house now!)


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