Saturday 30 January 2016

The first few weeks of Breastfeeding survival kit

A friend messaged me on facebook saying that she wanted to put a kit together for one of her friends who wanted to breastfeed and asked if I had any ideas.... oh yes! So I thought I'd share them here.

I breastfed Isabelle for 14 months and looking back if someone who had breastfed was going to put me this kit together I'd of been delighted, it would of been so much easier to be prepared for the start of the breastfeeding journey rather than picking up bits and bobs as and when I needed them.

I'll always suggest buying a breast pump - you never know if you will need it, I did on day 3 when Isabelle was so hungry she was desperate and tired, I couldn't get her to latch on and it was so difficult. Luckily I expressed some and then quickly changed her onto my boob without her noticing.

Breastfeeding survival kit {imagine if you will, all these items in a cute little basket}
  1. Medela Hydrogel pads were an absolute life saver, they provided instant soothing relief when my milk first came in and you feel like Jordan! Haha. They were sooo hot, like heat hot I mean! And these hydrogel cooled them.
  2. Medela purelan cream - amazing stuff! If you get sore/cracked nipples (however yucky that sounds it may happen...) this cream is incredible and works instantly.
  3. Breastpads - again my favourites were by medela. (My favourite breastpump, also medela incase you're wondering!) 
  4. Mothercare nursing sleep bras - AMAZING. the ones that cross over. So comfy.
  5. A breastfeeding cover such as a Snoob.
  6. Numbers for the National Breastfeeding helpline and La Leche league helpline - They're brilliant! Told me exactly what it was I needed to do to get baby feeding, kept me calm when I was new to breastfeeding and felt like giving up.
  7. A fact sheet about breastfeeding and maybe a photo printed about how much milk te baby needs at each stage - I say these because sometimes it's easy to think you're not feeding your baby enough.
Have you any other suggestions on what could be included? I've probably missed some useful things.

Mary-Kate, x


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