Saturday 30 January 2016

Isabelle's 2nd birthday present wishlist - by Mummy

I'm really struggling to decide what to buy Isabelle for her second birthday and struggling even more to find ideas to suggest to other people! She's got far too many clothes already, so I definitely don't want to buy her a lot of those, there may be the odd 'special' bit that I wouldn't mind her having of course! hehe.
She's also lucky enough to have a big selection of toys already - a lot passed down from her brother too so I'd rather she didn't get more of what she won't really use much! Toys to grow into are a good idea, although a little boring when older - at this age you can get away with it!
So what's on my wish list for Miss Isabelle this year? 

A new shopping trolley - her current one was Oliver's and its seen better days. This one has space for dolly and is so much more realistic. John Lewis. 
I love the idea of getting a little wooden dolls house that she can grow into over the years, we can add random bits of furniture every now and then. This is in the sale at the moment in John Lewis.
Isabelle loves a bag, before I know it she'll be bigger and have outgrown her need for a changing bag, I'd love a bag that is super cute and will last a little girl years.
Paint! (washable paint!) Isabelle loves getting creative & MESSY!
Isabelle does baby ballet & she's a little sister. She would love this sleepsuit from NEXT.
I said no more clothes but this is from NEXT and it goes up to age 2! So 18-24 months would be perfect for her to wear on our weekend away! Love it.
We are going away the day after Isabelle's birthday just for the weekend and she needs a swimsuit, I love this one from NEXT with dory on! She loves fish.
Again from NEXT, I love this t'shirt its so cute!
Beautiful dress from NEXT, again this is in the baby section but available up to age 2 so this would be perfect for our weekend away.

A clock for her bedroom - this personalised one is so cute.
Lottie & Lysh leggings and head scarf. This is one of my fav designs.
Natalie Ragdoll- Natures Purest

OK, OK, so I know I said no clothes but the ones I've included here are just lovely arent they?!


Some other good idea's for a 2nd birthday include wooden toys, pencils, stickers [loves stickers], books including classics that they can grow into loving like Cinderella and snow white!


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