Tuesday 22 December 2015

DIY Christmas eve box

My dad was terminally ill during his last Christmas, the one previous he was poorly too in hospital so Christmas turned into a time of me being a little grumpy and remembering sad things instead of the happy times. That soon changed when I had Oliver because Christmas shouldn't be about the sad times and it was time to start creating memories with my own child and give him the best Christmas I could just like my dad had done with me as a child.
I love Christmas, I love how excited Oliver gets and I know that his excitement will get Isabelle excited too although at 21 months she still wont really get what's going on! She'll be excited none the less.

Christmas eve used to be a day to get last minute things sorted out but I've scrapped that and now Christmas eve is a family day too which is where the lovely idea of Christmas eve box came in. I've never done one before but having heard about them last Christmas I knew I wanted to do one this year. On Christmas eve we will be having lunch with Michaels family, taking the children to the church for the crib service and hopefully visiting my brother and sister in law before getting home to get the children their dinner and a quick bubble bath. Then it will be time to surprise them with their Christmas eve boxes.

Christmas eve boxes are such a lovely idea but why go and buy one ready made when you can enjoy making one yourself for a fraction of the cost? You'll be able to put whatever you want inside this way and I've even reused a cardboard box which Isabelle's prescription arrived in! I've wrapped it using some festive reindeer wrapping paper which got glitter everywhere but who doesn't love a bit of glitter at Christmas? (Michael that's who!... he looks lovely & sparkly though). I know that the box is going to get both children really excited just before bedtime but that's fine. Some people haven't heard of a Christmas eve box so incase you haven't its basically a box full of goodies with the intention of getting your little people excited about Christmas the next morning! It's something that can turn into a cute little family tradition.

Ideas on what to put inside your Christmas eve box!
I've also made a key for Santa so that he came get in! We'll use lovefilm to watch a christmasy movie while enjoying the popcorn! Before bed, we'll scatter the reindeer food - they do have one each, we will leave the key out for santa and we will put their stockings up ready to be filled.

Are you doing a Christmas eve box this year? Would love to see your photos!


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