Tuesday 22 December 2015

A Free From Christmas !

Last year Isabelle was much smaller and feeding her, although was tricky with her allergies, it was much easier than it is now she's bigger and noticing what other people have looks tasty! So I've spent a lot of time reading various allergy facebook pages to get ideas for Christmas that she can have to make food a bit more exciting.
Pigs in blankets, a lot of people wouldn't realise that they actually have wheat in so usually Isabelle wouldn't be able to have them but thanks to Tesco making a gluten free one she can join in with them this year! I can't wait to see what she thinks of them.
Stuffing was another difficult one, having wheat in too! But I've managed to find this one which looks pretty good, hopefully it will taste nice too. It's wheat free by Mrs Crimbles.
Tesco dark chocolate mint thins - think after eight mints but free from dairy, soya so suitable for Isabelle this Christmas! I wanted her to have something a little different.
Now Isabelle can have egg replacer because she can tolerate some potato now, I'm going to be using this packet I've found by - Isabel's, to make her some Yorkshire puddings! Can you tell I want her dinner to look just like ours?

I found these lovely snowman chocolates in Holland and Barratt, they were £1.50 for the packet of 3 and buy one get one half price.
CHOCOLATE COINS that are free from! They are dark tho, so if your little one doesn't like dark chocolate probably wont like these either.
Chocolate buttons! Not the most christmasy but very hard to find chocolate buttons that are free from soya and dairy.

Mince pies from Marks and Spencers that are gluten free - Isabelle cannot have them BUT Daddy who is wheat free, loves them! Tesco also do a cheaper gluten free version of mince pies too but we haven't had those to tell you whether they're lovely or not!

Aldi, sell a chocolate reindeer and the dark chocolate one is free from dairy and soya! Bargain price too at about £1ish.

Choc shot - a lovely warm hot chocolate whilst watching a Christmas film... now thanks to choc shot if youre on a free from diet you can have one too!!
Sainsburys taste the difference chicken gravy - suitable for turkey too. It's wheat free!

Anyone else got some free from Christmas bits to share? I'd love to find some more!

**Someone has just told me about this lovely little find too...
a free from Christmas pudding from Morrisons!


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