Thursday 2 April 2015

No Muu - chocolate treats

As I'm sat here eating delicious fudge - free from fudge by No Muu I thought I'd finally get around to telling you all about it...

When Isabelle was diagnosed with cows milk protien allergy, chocolate did cross my mind... what chocolate can she have? She'll be left out at easter and if she's still got the allergy when she is bigger then she will be left out at school and parties and oh the list goes on! I'm a big chocoholic too, so to actually give up chocolate to breastfeed my daughter I'm really proud of myself.

So you can imagine as a mum how happy I was when I discovered No Muu, chocolates suitable for Isabelle and not only that but also look child friendly too, they are so cute and they are actually a really good price considering they are free from! Everything free from is so expensive but the price of these chocolates was a pleasent surprise for the bank balance.

Hands up early on in the post.... I have stolen some of Isabelle's chocolate when I got desperate for a chocolate fix and I can confirm it is lovely. I have now replaced what I ate... Sorry Isabelle but I probably will do this again!

Anna, the lovely lady behind No Muu is a mum of two children a boy and a girl who both have milk intolerances - the older child is able to tolerate more dairy now which made me feel hopeful for Isabelle as she grows up. Their daughter is dairy, soya, wheat, tomato and pepper free so they understand how hard it can be with parents of multiple allergy children. No Muu was created as a family business when they had enough of being unable to find child friendly dairy free treats. (I also agree it's so difficult to do this). No Muu sells at local markets in the North East as well as on their facebook page too. Although the products are mainly aimed at children because of their own childrens intolerances, more and more adults are purchasing the chocolates so the range has been expanded.
Isabelle had her first ones on her 1st birthday and I can't tell you how excited she was, it did not last very long because the chocolate was soon finished and she demanded another one. Every time she see's one now she gets excited and starts making a weird little 'ARRRRR' noise. I was very impressed when I first tasted the chocolate, milk is my favourite but the white is just as delicious! Oliver hasn't tried one yet but now I've stocked up on some more I'm going to let him and I bet he doesn't know the difference between his and Isabelle's chocolate.
In the range you can find shapes such as robots, lego men, dinosaurs, handbags and shoes, animals, spoons, Hearts and flowers, Dogs, Horses, Owls, Jungle animals, Spoons, Pirate coins and Mice as well as their fantastic easter range which includes not only easter eggs but some of the cutest bunnies you'll see! Bags retail for approx £2 each and sometimes they have offers with 3 bags for £5 - I'm keeping my eyes peeled for it!

Please note that these chocolates are a may contain soya - there's no soya actually in the ingredients but the factory they get their raw chocolate from also handles soya.

As well  as the shapes you can also purchase chocolate slabs which weigh approx 100g and are £3.75 they make a lovely treat for dairy free adults and you can even get them in various flavours:
Milk or white chocolate with freeze dried raspberries
White and raspberry flavour with freeze dried raspberries
Milk chocolate slab with a white chocolate heart design
Milk or white chocolate with marshmallows (vegan marshmallows available)
Milk chocolate
White chocolate
Milk chocolate flavoured with orange
Milk chocolate flavoured with mint
White chocolate flavoured with raspberry.

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Displaying image.jpeg
Displaying image.jpeg
Displaying image.jpeg

We love these No Muu chocolates, I can't even decide upon a favourite design because they are all so cute! You can find No Muu here on facebook *click*   

I'd like to say thank you to Anna and her family for creating a free from chocolate my daughter who is dairy, soya, wheat, egg, potato, peaches, broccoli, mango, peaches and nuts free! I'm excited to see what the christmas range brings.

I'm sure this isn't going to be my only post about No Muu. As you can see, Isabelle has stocked up for a while! Which design is your favourite? Have you tried No Muu before?

Mary-Kate, x

*please note that No Muu kindly sent me a few samples in with my purchase but this review was going to be written anyone because I genuienly feel other allergy parents would benefit from knowing about No Muu.*

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