Saturday 28 March 2015

birthday present ideas for a 1 year old

Isabelle has just turned one and got some lovely presents which she loves, I'm not going to list all of them but I'm going to randomly pick 10 that make fantastic 1st birthday presents.

Firstly I'm going to start with something that Isabelle and Oliver both love and play with together... Vtech toot toot animal safari. It's ideal for age 18 months to 5 years but Isabelle has only just turned 1 and she's playing with it already, the different animals you can add are great too. So far shes got the zebra, monkey, rhino, elephant and tiger. You can add to the set as well making it an ideal gift because christmas you can build upon it!

Leapfrog picnic hamper is great for their imagination and again both of them play nicely with it so I know it's a toy thats going to last a few years. I don't understand why it's pink though, boys like picnics too so surely it's a unisex toy? Not that boys can't have pink coloured things, Oliver did.

Balance bike - my brother & sister in law brought this for Isabelles birthday and again it's something to grow into and she loves it! Obviously needs to be held on it at the moment but I know before we know where we are she will be whizzing around on it. Balance bikes have got great reviews and I can't wait for her to be using it properly.
My 1st baby annabel doll has proved VERY popular with Isabelle, it's an ideal size for her and she absolutely adores it... so far baby has been on the slide and swing at the park as well as coming with her to collect Oliver from school and a shopping trip too.

"That's not my" books are very popular in our house, Isabelle loves them and Oliver loved them too when he was a baby. She loves feeling all the different textures and I can't tell you how many times we have looked at them!
 My 1st years painting apron and paint set - personalised with their name ofcourse. Michael's cousin brought Isabelle this for her birthday and it's so so cute! Something for when shes about 18 months I think but it's an amazing 1st birthday present and I LOVE the box, ideal for keeping babies first bits in as a memory box!

Playmobil 123 Noahs Ark - ideal present for them to grow into! Grandma got this for Isabelle and Oliver obviously helped her play with it straight away because and I quote "it's cool".

Clothes - Isabelle got some lovely clothes for her birthday from various family members. Monsoon, Next and Marks & Spencers do some lovely girly bits for the summer. She's one very lucky little girl when it comes to clothes! Clothes are an ideal birthday gift for babies I think. It was when Oliver got to three that he was fed up of clothes - oops!

Fisher price xylophone crocodile.

Creative stuff - first pens and pencils by crayola and an aquadraw are ideal! Isabelle hasn't used them yet but we will do soon.

Hopefully that will have given you some ideas if you're currently looking for 1st birthday gifts! Just remember not to be too dis-heartened if they spend more time playing with the box instead of the actual toy... Isabelle loves a box! Christmas sorted...

Mary-Kate, x

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