Wednesday 22 October 2014

CupCake Nursing Pads Review!

Recently I was sent a new product from a brand I already love called Cake Lingerie, I've reviewed one of their nursing sets which you can find here!

The new product is CupCake nursing pads which are reuseable breast pads and I will add at this point that I've always said I'll never use resueable breast pads, it's safe to say I've eaten my words and completely changed my mind, they make perfect sense now.

The packaging is different, I really like the two eggs on the front of this complimentary packet and I think it really makes them stand out. Theres also milk bottles, ice cream sodas and grapefruit. The packaging is also 100% recycled which is good, helping the eco-friendly nature of this product.

The product itself is great, super soft and feels as if you're not actually wearing breast pads - the disposable ones sometimes make me itchy which obviously is incredibly annoying. They're organic cotton and washable, being super thin no one will actually know you're wearing them because they are designed to be discreet under your clothing leaving you confident that you'll remain wet patch free! The nursing pad itself has a pocket where you can pop in some liners if they're required. I've used them with and without liners and to be honest I prefer with because sometimes I leak alot and although they've always held it without the liners, I just like the extra protection. One/Two/Three liners can be added, depending on what your needs are which is great! You couldnt put two disposable pads on could you? Just wouldn't work like this. I wish I'd of had these months ago, especially when I had a little blister on my nipple! ouch ouch ouch. They would have really helped me. Fantastic addition to any breastfeeding mums life.
If you've always said no to reusable, why? I hated the idea of washing something in my washing machine thats dirty - how silly was that because my bra goes in there and without pads that will get bits of milk on! silly me. silly baby brain.

Price wise, for 2 x pairs of light nursing pads it will cost £9.90 and for 3 it will cost £16.90. The CupCake liners come in pack of two for £5.90 and you can buy them online at

As with all the reviews I do I wanted to use these for a bit before posting on here so I can give an honest review, I really like these I think they're discreet making you more confident and wash lovely, not losing that 'new' feeling against your skin.

Mary-Kate, x
please note that I was sent this complimentary packet for the review but all of the opinions are my own.

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