Sunday 21 September 2014

Sophie La Girafe - cosmetics

Most babies I know have a Sophie Girafe which is a teething toy but did you know that you can also get Sophie La Girafe organic cosmetics for baby too? Co-founded by Jonna Jalkanen, a mum of two with lots of experience within the industry of baby products which are safe as well as in the beauty industry. You can find out more about Jonna here.We've been putting them to the test and actually yes I mean we! Not just Isabelle, I've used the face cream on my face too when I had run out of mine and actually it's really good, I have very sensitive skin and it was great for me... Isabelle is alot more sensitive, she's dairy intolerant and suffers from eczema so I'm always careful with which products I use on her skin and at first I thought, oo maybe not a good idea but her skin has been absolutely fine with all of these products and I've taken a while to write this review because I really wanted to give them a proper test before telling you about them.
In the range there is; body lotion, baby oil, face cream, protection cream, bubble bath and hair & body wash.

First thing we tried was body lotion on a tiny bit of her body and when she was fine with that we used it all over her, she's got a very dry back and it helped a little (not even steriod cream has helped completely, it just needs lots of regular cream applied). £14.99

I then used the face cream myself before I even used it on Isabelle - oopsy! But I had competely run out of face cream and my face is so sensitive that on days I actually wear make up, when I remove it I need to put face cream on or my face just feels horrid. I used the face cream and actually my skin felt lovely, like I had put an expensive face cream brand on my face instead of my babies one! Isabelle has a sensitive little face too, she had terrible 'baby acne' when she was newborn - we know now that actually it was the dairy intolerance instead of 'baby acne', every now and then she gets a tiny bit so it's really important to use that we keep her face well moisturzied, their little faces need something a little more sensitive. It's not thick, it's light and absorbs very quickly into the skin leaving it feeling baby soft. Retails for £11.99

 Then we moved onto Hair and Body wash - great two things covered in one! Once we had use the first two products we trusted this brand with Isabelle's skin and again it's fantastic, smells nice but not too strong. You don't need to use too much, a small amount will be fine to clean little ones hair and body. £11.99

Baby oil - oh so many uses for this one. You can use a few drops in your babies bath for the days when you want something a little different it's also great for cleansing on a cotton pad just apply a little to your babies skin, for baby massage if your little one likes it - Isabelle likes her legs but don't even think about touching her arms or hands - she needs those in her mouth. - warning though as with all baby oils, it leaves them slippery so make sure you've got a tight grip on them. £14.99

Bubble bath, Isabelle thinks this is fantastic and it's so much fun to see her splashing about. Every little one deserves a bubble bath and it's great that this organic product isn't going to upset the delicate skin. £10.99
Finally the protection cream, this is great. A three in one cream solution, weather cream for wind/sun which is great as it's very hard to find an organic cream for babies that protects against UV rays, trust me I spent ages looking. It's second use is for nappy rash and I will be honest, I prefer sudocrem I'm not sure why but maybe because thats just what I used with Oliver and I'm a creature of habit, this one is also very good though. The thrid use is as an sos cream, relieves itching and redness. £14.99
They would also make fantastic gifts, the packaging is cute and looks really fancy, it doesn't look like it's made for babies and if you have a bathroom that you'd like to keep looking like a grown up relaxing one then these wouldn't ruin that being on the side of the bath. People have mentioned that under Isabelle's changing unit they look 'posh' hehe, I think due to the price of these most people wouldn't like to buy these for every day use, however if like me your little one reacts to alot of things you just want something that is very good quality and not going to upset their skin, so the price tag represents that. Also they would make great new baby gifts, baby shower gifts or just a present for baby as a treat. 

We have absolutely loved putting these products to the test and think they are great. 

You can find SLG Cosmetics on twitter - @SLG_Cosmetics and over on facebook too Sophie La Girafe Cosmetics facebook

Mary-Kate, x 

please note that these products were sent to use for the purpose of this review but all of the views are our own. 

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