Wednesday 24 September 2014

Emergency c-section recovery

I had an emergency c-section under general anaesthetic when I had Isabelle because I had a cord prolapse (the cord was coming out before her, meaning that her oxygen supply would be cut off) I had just had my waters broken when the doctors face changed to a seriously worried one. The midwife was told something and suddenly everyone started running in to the room all with a job to do. Before I knew it I was being taken to theatre whilst saying no no I don't want a c-section but when they explained what was wrong and the outcome without prompt action I quickly changed to 'please don't let my baby die!'.

Having not had time to have the risks of a csection explained to me and never having looked into it I didn't know of anything that could actually go wrong and actually I had retained membranes left behind that were huge! Phenomenal was the word used.. It took me a really long time to recover from the csection and I am always going to be terrified when I think back. Isabelle's cord was 100cm long, twice the length of the average so there was a cord abnormality which increases your chances of having a Cord Prolapse also having your waters broken too early is also a reason cord prolapse can happen..  u will always wonder if this is the reason for mine as the doctor was struggling to break them saying cervix was too high and I wasn't dilated enough but I need to remember that if it was going to happen anyway it was better to happen when a doctor had her hand there examining me as Isabelle wasn't pushing on cord for too long as I said before right place right time. Cord prolapse is very rare so please don't worry about it if you're expecting!

My top tips for recovery after a c-section.

If it's planned then research lots.

Have high waisted knickers or over the bump maternity knickers so that you don't have normal ones rubbing on and irritating your scar.

Don't expect too much of yourself and take your time doing everything!
Having said last one I'd like to add that it's also very important to be active as soon as you can after surgery.

If in hospital you have an electric bed on recovery just make sure you don't get too used to it doing everything for you as it will be harder when you get home and suddenly have to sit up alone. (holds hands up... Guilty!) 

Go for a poo as soon as you feel like you need to, don't worry about it and the cut! It will just hurt if you're constipated but it'll be fine if you listen to your body! (remember prune juice if you can't go!!)

If you're breastfeeding then i'd suggest a nursing pillow, a V shaped pillow was best for me in the early days so I didn't have baby laying on my sore tummy.

Take your medication on time!

Sleep when your baby sleeps! Oh so easy to say.

Loose fitting clothing is best, hang on to those maternity leggings for a while.

Have your meals sorted out so that you don't have to fuss too much over them.

Download the tesco app so you can do your food shopping easily on your phone!

If you had a c-section, what is your top tip for recovery? 

Mary-Kate x


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