Friday 21 February 2014

38 weeks update

 38weeks already? Oh.
Hoss Photography

How long left? 2 weeks... oh my goodness! 

What's new this week? Heating! Hooray, as of today our new home actually has heating... hopefully it will continue to work but I'm not counting on it. I'm fed up of my fat swollen feet! We have had a bump photo shoot by Hoss Photography !

Whats annoyed me this week? Everything, I'm annoying myself to be honest. I am not blogging about our antenatal class... there's not much to say! Consultant appointment to see if I was ok to birth on the birthing centre = pointless. We had to wait for ages and first appointment the guy didn't know why I was actually there and then he couldn't make the decision anyway. Basically my placenta took 2 hours to come out after I had Oliver and therefore I needed to see a consultant to know whether I would be allowed on the birthing centre or if I needed to be on delivery suite... So he was useless - lets called him Doctor A, I got grumpy with him and said oh for goodness sake what do you actually know then? He took this question seriously and answered me telling me what he actually knows... okkk. Then we had to return the following week to see a consultant who actually, was lovely! Shocking. And she said I'm fine to birth on the birthing centre - the delivery suite being just upstairs one floor, it's still accessable and if I'm healthy then why shouldnt I go to the birthing centre? True. Really happy about that as I was desperate to go to the birthing centre, especially after our tour as it looks so lovely and calm.

Hoss Photography
So remember Doctor A? Well, we had the pleasure of meeting him again this week... It's not my proudest moment but I have been super tired and I walked into a wall. Yes, walked into a wall... but not just that, actually I was holding a hairdryer and it hit into my tummy really hard and left what felt like a bruise, it was really late so I went off to bed and thought nothing of it - wasn't terrible pain or anything just sore to touch... So the next day when at the post office collecting a parcel - oh, Royal Mail has annoyed me too... I saw a midwife I have met before in the line, she asked if I was ok and somewhere in the conversation I told her about my walking into the wall and she said oh no I'm sure you will be fine unless you are Orh Neg blood group because then you would need an anti d... Yes actually I am. So off to hospital I went and who was the doctor? Yes Dr A who knows it all/nothing so that was fun! But all I needed was an Anti D injection and after like nearly 3 hours we were out of there.

What I love? Michael. He's just changed the bedding on our bed, I love love love him. It's so comfy and I was far to grumpy to do it. Oliver's little face when I told him he was off out on a 'boys day' on Sunday (as I'm having my baby shower) he was so happy. My bump. I actually love my bump and I will miss it.

What I miss? Seeing my feet, fitting into shoes - I genuinely think the whole of my legs are swollen.

What I'm wearing? A gorgeous dress from Bibee dresses - review coming soon but just for now let me tell you it is super super comfortable!

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